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So which doesn't happen doesn't let alone documentary report always somebody would say t trunks putting out there someone to i just want you to music video with the proclaim our song oh well you guys are on the truck i don't i don't wanna see you mr trick so roddy how did you prepare to shoot this extended sequence with the elephants on the truck for five hundred miles you know we all came together and chatted with we wanted ridgely shoot everything on allred but we knew that we which is the re reading oaks don't know this digital camera red digital cinema cameras yes and we knew that media because you know shoots offers a five or six care and or at the time and we they just consume batteries and media cards and we we were on that truck and i think we we exhausted almost all of our cards and batteries when we were almost all said and done when we got back elephant nature park so we knew that we had to plan for those types of scenarios it was we were told it could be monsoon season and could start raining with no end in sight out of nowhere to there's a lot of things that we had to take into consideration and john ashley and myself we we sat down and came up with a with a pretty strict plan but then we also knew that we were gonna have to bend that plan which we did quite a few times and pulled up bra and when you arrive home with like half a battery left it's like wow this was this worked out and there was one thing that we always knew and that was you know in talking with ashley was that we wanted it to be entertaining you know we didn't want sit down interviews talking heads we wanted to immerse people in the experience like like you picked up on lending which is awesome and not necessarily tell people anything but just show them some something showing always better than tell.

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