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And then number four probably all eve. Well, what mental are you definitely one on the? Let's it. Eric ariel. Shell are we are you guys play the big role in this? And this is the reason why we're the break breaking records. Whilst that may number one. Is you congratulations. You did. It you called your shot. I hope you get what you want on Thursday. Keep us posted on how that goes Henry, thanks for doing this. We'll do you guys. Have you guys? Thank you. Take care there. He is the reigning defending UFC flyweight champion the man who saved the flyweights on Saturday night in Brooklyn, New York. The great Henry so Huda what a story thirty two seconds. Now, he heads the Las Vegas to try to actually save the flyweights and to get what he wants next. Great story there. From Henry pseudo really appreciate him stopping by. Okay. One of the other big stories on Saturday. Of course, the return the long way too much anticipated return of one page Zandt twelve gauge she fought Rachel Oeste vich she submitted. Rachel ostrich vich showed a lot of heart. A lot of grit a lot of determination as always she is kind enough to be joining us via the magic Skype. Let's say Hello to one page and page. How are you? How are you? I'm doing great. I'm happy. You could join us because last week you're supposed to join us. But then you dropped us for a little show. Good morning something. Good Morning, America. Never heard of it. I'm sorry. And that one was last minute to that you start the requests though to be on good Morning America, which hours love. So I wasn't able to join you. That's the one show that I'll say, okay, fine. You can get skippers for because it's a big platform mainstream and whatnot. So no hard feelings. No, hard falls, a.

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