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You know what he makes a good point? Crawford gets the hate for Bob, man. We met at the hate. To hate for Eddie. This goes on strike. Brings up is because they came make the fight. They can't make the fight. That's why he talking to the media airline promoted he is promoting their gas were you're saying boxes seeing this make the favor you to fight the fight. They need to be trying to get this win. He ain't gonna promote eat. And. You saying that if they offer enough money to be shown either one talking about it. Danny three male, but one offer con- like they wack over there, man. They. Promoted this loan. Not being cheap. That's top ring diet. They not offer a dangerous fight of real money. So he could take the fight. They will all slaves shit. We are already heard Danny said he was busy. We, we had a call with this positive time that they had some schedule. So we know why Danny did. The money wasn't. Right. So my in your shorts. Or preface of that. What do you think that it's possible that if a sexy off comes through a fighter, the caliber of Danny cancels a fight with a fighter, the caliber of Granados, the pins? As long as it depends on good with that. You know, you say, that's all they're mad about all gotta do send the right money and they'll get the ponies man. Danny was coming up. So maybe he didn't get back on track. Maybe but let me tell you, if that money was. And this what I'm telling you. It takes a lot to come back. Takes a lot of the comeback from losses man. Danny Danny's back then. Any any good not like I said, and nobody. Granato Danny is back. And that's what we talk about. I bet I bet you got. Right. When right when trying to throw that left gaining on them with a straight, right? Let me see they can hook each other hook with a Hooker. See you later. Alligator. Tell tell tale Crawford do that. That's all raise profile right, there, whoop out the roof. Let's go to number one Crawford, protective, Brandon MAURICE. Good good. My goodness air signed that funny listened to two hours, call it a good talking. ACP sash. I have yet to hear one St. aero could eat the band now say Earl can win the fight. Talking about Bravo damn strap season. That's what it means. No catch phrase you saying, you can say slips even for thermos. Of course you only say. But it's funny man. But if I'm, I'm to the point where I'm not even colleagues network. We've Earl say, I'm taking the easy route Biden porter. We heard say twenty nine hundred eighty. For about here where he say easy, easy to negotiate not this bullshit, forty five forty eight brand new one. Last time you've seen a fight where two fighters have forty five percents. Splitting the ten percent was an egg. Tell me, please..

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