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So the Lakers who have been imploding for mostly every day since. Seemingly forever have become one big dysfunctional salad. Here's a couple of stories that broke yesterday. A number one that Kurt and Linda Rambus overrule genie bus and the bus family on hiring. Tyron Lou who we thought two days ago was a done deal. Here was the second one that came down yesterday. The people close to Jeanie Buss are telling her to trade LeBron. Okay. I do believe I talked to somebody close to LeBron last night. I do believe LeBron would demand a trade at different times in his career. But he won't now. He's in L A, his wife his kids. They liked the community. He's got the homes. He's got the business. He's got his family. I think there was a point in LeBron's life. He would have just said get me out of here. Lebron got his rings. He's got his legacy. He's got his titles. He's got his money. He's got his brand. I think LeBron's really frustrated right now. But I I've also been told that he enriched Paul are just standing back. They're not imposing their will. And there's always a sense that LeBron's running everything they're not imposing their will. They're sitting back and watching it happen. And what they're probably thinking is today. We should have imposed are will they have not the Lakers are starting to feel like an this is weird because they've. Has had money. They're starting to feel like a power Powerball winner. You ever seen those Powerball winners where they don't even know how to spend the money and all of a sudden they buy like six horses a hovercraft nine jet skis and a tiger on the back yard and four winnebago's. The Lakers literally they land LeBron with their lump sum payment, the greatest free agent ever. And then they're like, all right. Let's get Rondeau. He can't shoot. I know how about land Stevenson keys weird. Yeah. I know how about javale McGee. He's an odd bird. Well, what about Michael Beasley? He's trouble doesn't last anywhere. I know when we got all this money. Let's have the Rams family run everything. Let's have the people that really matter LeBron and the coach that really fits him Tyler. Let's alienate them. They don't know what to do. They got that lump sum LeBron payment, and they've just made bad purchases ever since players that don't fit LeBron guys that can't shoot Kurt Rambis struggled as a coach. Now, the families, and I know the Rams family, I like them. But you cannot one of the things about sport is nothing in sports is as corrosive as bad ownership. You can fire a coach you can fire GM you can trade a player. But the reason the Detroit Lions don't have a Super Bowl. And the reason the Cleveland Browns don't have a Super Bowl, and the reason Abair should have more is they've historically had bad ownership the raiders in the last ten years. Not great ownership. You can't overcome. It would draft picks. You can't it all starts at the top. And right now, let's be honest about this. I've been saying this for five months and I get pushback limit in Los Angeles. This is worse than you think. It's just now all coming out. Like, it is worse. Then you think, you know, when a president leaves the White House than somebody writes a book, and they're like, oh, my I know it was a little crazy whole holy hell, it was really bad. They're gonna write books about this White House. It's Comey worse. New think this is a mess, and I'll tell you. What's really scary?.

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