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Those kinds of things are also really interesting to bring up so even if it's that you are not diving. Indeed another medicare cuts in those sorts of things on the webpage. Just just really being informed about what our profession is now and where we're trying to go. I think is a really smart move for applicants and making sure you know what those core values are and you haven't jets invented one. That would probably be step number one anything. I didn't ask anything you'd be you you you would think is is important for perspective Applicants for pt. School wanted to share really good insight so anything. I didn't get to ask that that you think that would would be good for this audience. Or i'm the best podcast ever. And i nailed him. I don't know you tell me seamer. Beware what do you mean was that mean. So there's a lot of proprietary you know. Everyone has their right to market a product in the united states. But there are some. I think potential red flags for people who do not currently sit on admissions committees. That never have they said on admissions committee. And they're giving advice and they're giving advice at a cost. So i would just say be a very conscious consumer. Yeah there's there's a bridge in brooklyn if you. I if you wanna if you wanna take a shot by bein that i can sell it to you. So yeah. there are some people out there who will pedal advice and a lot of times. They they might not have ever actually sat in admissions Meeting or they've never spent an hour viewing an application or trying to decide between You know who who's a good fit for my program versus a good fit but maybe just not for the school so being an educated consumer and that's really great advice and i think that applies to where you choose to apply to write know what the program is about know a little bit about it. You can see a lot on on a website. You can learn a lot about a program. Their faculty are kind. What their mission and vision is. There's a lot that you can learn Through peachy cass know. All that stuff don't applied.

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