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They were kind of in the later years in the cranberries were really on the way up and had their first big tourbus and the guys and dolores resist really in a flush of fame the or very confused by the whole thing become amused by it they were handling it pretty well and i ended up interviewing dolores really late after the show and she came to my hotel room or all saying it's time tell she tapped on the door rose about quarter one and she had her pj's i think there were foodies and she was really i guess she was 22 than i was older than uh but not much and um we just had an amazing chat like she was just very very self possessed but not like a rock star not really having an agenda she just like talking i went to school in athens georgia at the university of georgia and she was kind of obsessed with assens at the time and rim and should a crush on on boys who was in athens and so we just talked a lot about that and also irish poetry weirdly for media i guess to to find out that she had so much knowledge of it and we just sheared things that she didn't know about that i didn't know about she was from limerick where brendan being was from and um it was just so touching and she wanted to tell me all about gala poetry.

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