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Cartoonist bill water since last Calvin and Hobbes comic strip after ten years believing he had achieved all he could in that medium do you ever read that one sherry which one Calvin and Hobbes now located in his tiger yeah that's pretty funny a bit after ten years I guess he just said well you know it is what it is also on this date in nineteen ninety seven seventy two year old Marv levy retires as coach of the Buffalo Bills after twelve season and including four consecutive losing Super Bowl appearances also on this date in nineteen ninety seven Microsoft buys hot mail for four hundred dollars for its use me forty million dollars and relaunch is it as M. S. in Hotmail and maybe a couple of other items on this date in nineteen ninety nine Boris Yeltsin resigned as president of Russia leaving prime minister Vladimir Putin as acting president he's been acting that way for what twenty years now also in the news we've got to let's see here on the state last year Houston guard James harden scored forty three against the Memphis Grizzlies in there one thirteen one oh one when it's the fourth straight game with forty plus points in eight straight with thirty five plus he joined Oscar Robinson as the only player with at least thirty five points and five assists in eight straight games and there you have it on this date in history new year's eve two thousand nineteen what else do we have in the news well let's go back to this being of course the beginning of the year which means were just a little bit over a week away from Elvis's birthday celebration which I believe is January the eighth he would be is this right B. eighty five sounds about right it's got several items that are gonna be up for auction a week from Wednesday at the guest house at Graceland theater go online it Grayson auctions dot com at times I think close to three hundred items some of them were items owned by Elvis some things were signed by Elvis used by all this some were gifted by Elvis that people have given the foundation the proceeds going to be given to the and Elvis Presley charitable foundation can't get a couple specific somebody may be looking for help sure let's go with this Elvis Presley owned and used Harley Davidson golf carts estimated between sixty and seventy grand Hey a gold and diamond studded TCB necklace given to a person named Lamar Fike from Elvis Presley estimated between thirty and fifty grand maybe this is the sum your I could wear and an Elvis Presley owned and worn out pack of vast that was eventually gifted to a Texas DJ and friend Eddie Fadal valued I guess somewhere between ten and fifteen grand let's see if I can find something maybe and played file copy of forty five Elvis Presley's that's all right from sun records I'm talking petty cash petty cash not gonna be able to display yeah petty cash let me go from sort by lowest price let me go there there you go Elvis Presley news service photo holding a young kid I estimate that the minimum bid right and now is one hundred dollars group before Elvis fan it was Presley fan magazines estimated up to five hundred dollar value minimum bid would be one hundred.

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