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And great beer. It's all new Chicago's best brew pups spending at ten on WGN TV. On WGN TV. There we go. All right. Nice. The NFL draft. I'm so confused about the draft the bears didn't have a first rounder because we have the greatest player in Philly in the NFL right now. Lil MAC, number fifty two. This is what confuses me I as I was trying to read up on it to understand completely what happened, but they gave up the first round to get Khalil that they gave it to somebody else to give it to somebody else. And now the twentieth thrown in twenty twenty right? I mean, it's so I don't understand traded away draft picks for him for a few years. Yes. He's that. Good. What does that mean? What do you mean? What does that mean? So so we get a draft pick. But it's I it's third. Yup. Okay. So what do you need to know? What's in the third round draft pick. Well, we'll have the number eighty six pick today. Right. Is it number eighty six? It's somewhere in the eighty three o'clock, it doesn't matter. Okay. But this is going to go on for win in the Super Bowl. Great not only next year. Right. If it maybe the year after great fine. I'm fine. I don't need to understand. I just need us to win the Super Bowl. So we're going to get somebody later today or tomorrow. That makes sense to get somebody. I would assume. I haven't listened anything. But as a bear fan and season ticket holder in section fifty one north endzone ten rose above the I'm the boss, I I would say Ropley defensive backs or an offensive lineman. So what is the guy? I don't know where Adam Hogue is. He here the first round draft. Pick was a quarterback.

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