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Cool but it would have never crossed my page. So it's weird. Because i thought for sure you had you had heard of it but you had heard of it because of that chess movie and i feel like people who watch that chess movie they were also like watched this bridgeton because this. What is that. The queen's gamut bridgeton is blowing up it is all over like my feed for one of my girlfriends was like i've binged watched it so i know it's got something good to it but all i've heard is that it's super sexual just like but that's all i know about it though you give it a chance. Is this something to check outs. Eighty million people have said that we should check it out. We might have to for the pod for the pod and then announced today as well. Black panther is going to have a tv show coming to disney plus or it's like a condo series or something to that nature. Okay i'm cool with that. I you know it's going be an interesting spin now with chadwick past passing with the. There's no black panther so be really interesting. What they deal with that franchise. Because he was he was he was the guy i mean. I can't imagine if you know. Steve rogers or chris evans just dropped out of like captain america within the first couple of them. Like that would have just been really crazy. So it'll be interesting to see what they do. That's pretty wild about marvel. They never really lost anybody right. The only person. I remember them. Losing in a franchise was the guy from ironman. That's right terrance howard. Roads thank god. You know what i mean. Think stepping you don cheadle better horse. Yeah no he is. Better terrence. i've heard is a kind of not not well. He was demanding more money. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve more money. But i'm just saying like robert. Downey is holding that whole franchise that is going to make the most money you need to shut up the allegation of like if it was money related. It's like that was like the intro into like the mcu dick it out buddy patients..

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