Hezbollah, United States, Africa discussed on The Mark Levin Show


To go back to michael fredericksberg virginia that's not his name that's not as location and i get it he was telling us more about what hezbollah was doing go ahead michael i had to cut you off well what would discovered worth it has boy had a map to carsmuggling operation electric cars from the united states to western africa and apparently other places that i was the only involved with western africa and they would load the cars up with money and drugs and shift who uh hubs who like avid ghana ivory coast or or benin or togo and then the drug from the money would go to whoever has below wanted to send it to so i travelled to ivory coast on several occasions after we had looked up these car dealers here in the united states working out of the cartoons and front for selling used cars but in fact it was a an operation to ship the wrecked cars and the fbi was wondering why did they weren't wrecked cars than it's because they were smuggling contraband in the cars in sea containers which noone czech and when i got to ivory coast i discovered ahead of as boy in ivory coast yes bean after he was planning to build a huge three hundred million dollars shopping center so they could launder money and i provided the fbi with pictures of his hezbollah flags and and pictures of him and into office with uh associates from hezbollah and they were just ecstatic and we tracked cars i actually found cars there that had come from here they were jumping for joy and then after a couple of meetings with my fbi contact came back it said were not allowed to do anything what the i said what are you talking about it hezbollah and ivory coast to we can't do anything with it we'd even discovered that they were while he was doing without on how to be what year would this be it was two thousand nine two thousand ten i'd have to go back and look at the report but it was around two thousand nine two thousand ten um go ahead i'm sorry interrupted you know it's fine uh we we also discovered they were operating out of the golden dome ma squeezes the exact mosque we knew where they were living we knew who is doing it and.

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