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Scott Gottlieb, at least as far as this year's concerned 2020 the fall in the winter. I think that if there is a vaccine made available, it's likely to be a very staged introduction of the vaccine under an emergency use authorization where there's going to be a lot of data collection around the use of that vaccine is just gonna be for a very select groups of people. You are either a very high risk of contracting a Corona virus because of what they do, for example, healthcare workers, Dr Gottlieb on CBS's face the Nation Britain, Meantime, recording its highest daily number of new Corona virus cases since May, would just under 3000. Some of the increase reported on Sunday can be accounted for my wider testing. There's been no corresponding jump in the number of hospital admissions and deaths to new desk, though, were reported on Sunday. The nation's flight attendants pushing Congress from or airline industry Corona virus relief revenue is down 75%, and that's really where we are and where we're expected to be actually through the end of the year, and that is why we are asking for continued relief from Congress to keep us in our jobs so that we can lift off again once the virus is under control, and people do feel safe to fly. Sarah Nelson heads the Association of Flight Attendants. She appeared on Fox and Friends Topsy Novak Djokovic booted Sunday from the U. S Open tennis tournament in New York after he accidentally hit a line judge with a tennis ball, Brokovich angrily smacking a ball behind him while walking to the sideline. During the changeover, the ball hit the line judge in her throat, causing her to drop to her knees at the back of the court. Choco. Vich was not looking in that direction when his racket made contact with the ball. America's listening to Fox News. From the news Podcasts Network download and listen to the one with Craig Gutfeld Cat. I know that you are not particularly pleased with his decision. Take Kamala Harris. Everyone keeps pointing Teo the fact that she was so mean to him in the debates. To me. It's not weird because he got the guy that wrote the 1994 crime bill. You have a drink Coney and prosecutor. I think they're really a match made.

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