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To tranquil woman down since late January after they responded to a disturbance call and found a man lying on the floor of an apartment with a stab wound to the upper torso. Officers trying to save him. But he died before he could be transported to the hospital. Detectives believed the man and his daughter had an argument that day she's accused of grabbing a knife and stabbing him to death and then going on the run major crimes task force members. Located the woman this weekend and arrested. Her Cooper, Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. There was a hit and run crash in Highland Park. It has claimed the lives of two people have on ten packs swell avenue after one o'clock in the morning when a truck smashed into another vehicle police say the community can learn an important lesson from this crash. The message of the community is stay at seeing. If you get in a collision because the minute you leave it becomes a crime. And if there's injuries it becomes. A felony the two people in the truck are still on the loose police hoping they can get some more information from surveillance video from the neighborhood. A nineteen year old man has been arrested this in connection with the shooting that hurts six people in the oceanic dunes natural, preserve that's in San Luis Obispo county officials say it wasn't isolated incident. No word on the conditions of the people shot an elderly man fighting for his life tonight after he was rescued from a burning home in south, Los Angeles. This woman whose parents live next door and west eighty history till CBS two neighbors quickly rushed out to help the gentleman that went in and pulled a couple of the people out and went to the back house enforce the lady in the back to come out. She didn't wanna come out. Fire officials use a thermal imaging camera to find.

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