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That's good in that, you know, getting a wide audience to look at this film about a gay hero. And on the other hand, it's bad because it's not in any way, challenging them or in any way, confronting them with any sort of, you know, rough corners rough edges, but you know, I think I think this would be a decent size slash big hits. It could fill the credit showman gap in people's lives. I think just because of the effectiveness of this live bits the music itself. Run Rami Malek, I think as going to carry it to that sort of audience. But but yeah, whether it does Justice to Queen story. That's that's a whole other discussion. I think there I'm Terry the other day she says the BBC four documentary on Freddie, Mercury. It's still the one to go four. If you want to know more about him as a person. But yeah, we give it three stars three stars. Which was always say on the podcast is a Queen Dacian. We don't see a requiem. No just recommendation three stars in for Bahamian rhapsody and move onto the darn toilet debut on the big screen at least of Garth Maranghi himself, Matthew Holness, and if you haven't seen dark place, I strongly urge you to do so is one of the greatest. Yes. Six episodes half hour comedies producing the last twenty five years in this country. It is absolutely sublime seek it out Garth Moore dark place. I won't say anything else. Just see laugh channel. Chunnel full YouTube. I don't all the. Some clips from a now he's being tweeted them going the wrong aspect ratio. They've corrected it, and he's very happy. So amazing. Yeah. We didn't have room in this week on the podcast from the homeless. I'm hoping that we can find time down the the next few weeks to get him in. Because he's a fascinating guy. Really smart really knows is onions. But this is possum is debut and resign mentioned Garth megastar places because I think you might watch that and think, oh, this is going to be a chuckle fest is going to be a tongue in cheek Roenick heart and ain't no John Nugent to know. It's knows no. It's really dog place. You might say to genuine dog place. Yeah. It's it's it's interesting, isn't it? I remember an example of somebody who's parody genre to make serious entry in that show. And it's I think it's really impressive. It's it's a very foam is nothing funny about two very unsettling extensively. I guess the plot is you Seth in this very English little town, and we have on the news sort of in the background a fourteen year old boy has gone missing. And it's sort of unclear what happened to so we follow this, man. Philip played by Sean Harris who in in across the film. It's not quite clear. What's happened to this missing? Boy, I'm where the Philip is involved in some way shot in a very sort of unconventional way. The editing is quite sort of like, it's never quite clear. What's real? And what's notes possum of the Thais? Oh, is this gruesome spiderlike puppets that he keeps in a bag in the bag? But also, maybe not puppet, maybe it said alive. Who knows? So it's I thought was really impressive. It's someone like, Sean Harris Iowa. So he was he looked out to place in a big Hollywood blockbuster. He looks completely in places perfect film. He's got he's got great face for horror. He's sort of mixture of vulnerable kind of creepy and. Particularly. E come back of the throat cut up a little bit high pitched and. I really works and giving you that sense of unease, and if the whole film, there's no real sense of breaking out from that. You'll once you're in you're in you didn't always going to go you've pretty beautiful poetry that goes through as well. It takes you a long, especially with the music as well phonic workshop first feature film. They votes on. They've been going since nineteen fifties..

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