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And so he'll remove their quorum and kind of bring them down a notch or two. And so you can see during bringing young's era, if you look at the core of the 12, they're still trying to figure a few things out and people's people come into the quorum with different background. And so they're still trying to figure out how does this function? How is the quorum really work in the world? In fact, the quorum had been out serving missions for so long that they went for 32 years without ever meeting together as a quorum. Wow. There's always somebody gone. There's always somebody missing. And it was so momentous that they all got back together in 1868 that they decided to take a photo. The first presidency and the corps of the 12 for the first time together in 32 years. Always gone. Always always working. And so wow. Yeah. The quorum, you know, how the quorum functions just worked line upon line and as Brigham gets older, he begins to do things to help alleviate some burden at one point he will call roughly 6 to 7 counselors in the first presidency, because the core of the 12 primarily functioned as missionaries, and running the administration of the church became taxing as he got older. And so he'll call, I think there'll be 8 people in the first presidency at one point to help bear off the weight of the administrative burden that they're carrying. And all these individuals aren't always necessarily coming recalled from the corner of the 12 like we see today. No, no. Some will be apostles. We'll hold the priesthood office as a fossil, but not all come from the quorum. He doesn't pull them out because that would pull them away from the primary responsibility of preaching gospel. And he doesn't want to he doesn't want to pull him out of the field. And so he'll bring in other individuals. And when this was happening was, I mean, because now if you're in the first presidency, like when was president, he presided, you know, he was the presiding authority in meetings, even if president Nelson was there, right? And so did that tradition was that tradition still there where there's a presiding component of the first presidency over the corn of the 12?.

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