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The odds tonight my friend you have stepped up and maybe you'll get yourself another big deal after a tonight's performance so back to this white sox story right so the white sox through the team that like signs jimmy rollins five years too late that your the white sox are yet they pay a lot for past performance yes but now they got a a gm and recon who took over for for ken williams who i believe is still the executive vice president of the socks got some fancy title but recon is the he's the gm and what the white sox have done this past years they stay traded off a ton of assets but they got back a lot of big time prospects look if you go through the prospect rankings for the minor leagues the white sox have a ton of guys in the top one hundred two this is like the first time they've really done it they've they've they're gonna strip it down and they're going to build with these prospects and the aero is pointing up by it's not going to be this year maybe the next year but a lot of people are saying by like two thousand twenty this team is ready to go there gonna be a contender there's the now if though jadeeda and now all of a sudden manny machado like wow meryl this coming from there's more of a twist the orioles are concerned manny machado would actually end up with the yankees so the concern now is that they might not do the deal with the white sox because they think it could be a flip to new york and they certainly don't want to provide the yankees with another stud it's all rob hennigan's watch i mean so so the thing with machado is and this is why it's a risky move for the white sox if you trade forum now there's no guarantee you're going to recite him to a longterm debt the point and if they believe that then they can sign him now yenkey is have one of the.

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