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Thinking he was gonna destroy one of the coach goes with. He got his hands on him then he went in and just like he didn't just sit the bay he just was like. Wow yes yes raw. All smoke and mirrors. That's what he was miss sosa. Didn't you lose twice the tony bellevue. Yeah you did grace omos you bet. He is very lucky he got that cruiserweight run man and he was on one leg. Listen twice wise to value brian. He didn't even write that wrong like and now he's fighting juicers millionaire. Is it a millionaire a billionaire. Some rich guy who fought on driller for the first show that you're in you know god that's what guy. Hey doing he better sleep. This dude honey is the dude now. The other dude is not young but He's fit. He looks good. He looks like he's been training and stuff. You got a lot of money behind them. So he has theory sources but david. Hey my brother you better put him david so genetically an animal like even as son came out like that he'd be china with his son they both rip is crazy. He looked like he. He's day he's a specimen for real for real. I mean if i was in my consent is selling some shit man. I put that shit on the market man. I mean look. I'm a cruiserweight what he was undisputed or just unify no he was unified without a doubt. But maybe maybe he was even undisputed saying. I mean think about it. If i'm forty two david. Hey gotta be like forty six still got four head of hair with braids. Who fuck still got brains at forty. Something is a big deal your nest. That was my point. His genetics grazie hearing you guys age on the on the on a battery that's disrespect to put his real age out. He's fucking the greek god man with corn rows and twenty twenty one. He's a dangerous. Do only get that shit off and push a-team david now. I don't even know you made it pussy. Got his claim to fame after that one little where he where he aired out dregs little you know. He put dining out there for the world. That was his claim to fame word aired out but David heymann that's crazy david. Hey our ways like what. I've always wanted to. Hey and wow defaming. He talked so much shit breath and then he went in laws to all. My gosh insert bought the auntie wilder bro. Now listen. He has successful while sparring. That's why that fight has some momentum that was wet behind the ears while they're not that's not a champ. I will thrash you all the i mean but to that camp and even though the highlight came out of him like kinda put in the little shaky lay You know inside stories is that you know the. I'd say you know started letting loose to you. Know he could he could. He could hurt. Hey says from that spawned that you know that while some serious power but obviously when when it's talked about it's talked about like hey putting hands on while so that was something that they say. Hey is only forty lloyd. No wonder he doing his thing shed. He's forty five. He better he might as well come back forty. He gno lifestyle. We need to get that fucking bell. That's that's sad man to think about it. Like i ain't even know like wow. He lost twice. Took better not come back like that was that was that was. That's his queen because belyo. I've been watching bill all his life. He i slept by donnas. They brought them in for an hbo. Fight or donnas win over there ought foreign quebec. I knew i watched him get slept at like one seven five by donna's like nothing like sleep sleep and then to see him like gain weight and actually have a nice decent cruiserweight run and then move up and fuck in david. Hey two times and then and then think about it. You know he till day to day. Maybe outside of michael hunter belly was the last due to really put hands on on also like can. Aj put as much hands on zik. As beth belly was having a massive success in them. I three rows and my right arm. I was bro. Wow he's he's about to do. He just got sled he was he was he had. He had his cheering like mojo for real. I was mad. He was like the ultimate underdog in that fight. Even though in normally he probably wouldn't have been. But you know he. But i know. I'm sorry if i cut you. I'm just saying y'all does. Sport teaches i remember. I think i think belly also had a fight with Isaac colombo right isaac lumber either thirteen. That was two thousand thirteen or fourteen. Exactly did he win on yet. Unanimous decision twelve round. I know i got turned off. And it's not his fault because columba's the box i've seen i've seen enough to number. No it's too lemba sfor but i was. I was turned off. And i never you know right there right. Did post by. You would've told me bread bellevue's going to be a cruise away champ and fight heavy. I would have been like crazy. Whoever would have said that. So boxing is such a beautiful sport. Man you just have looked like even with you guys. I go back to that. That's going to be like. He really took the torch. 'cause it's the least expected to win the got the fucking win so it's a story you could get behind. It's crazy it's crazy man. Who guys got that shit off. Baojun them he fought the lumber twice to crazy. He wanted a pack. They got draw and then they turned around and they fought again. And that's when he got the unanimous decision it gets to number. Like in retrospect now global fucker had a decent career does but david as the cherries on top specially domestically. Because hey hey hey man. Hey hey slap go watch zora haber. Nobody's still aim beaches over like hey nobody to day. Hey just put them out. I think it was a left hook. Mamie just put them out like.

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