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We spend a lot of time running this I mean I mean I mean I brought it up today say look you know once will take a couple days and then we're off to two thousand twenty one draft that's what we're going to be working on so we spend all this time running the board out and we don't force it we don't know where we say Hey their values are R. G. and at that point Jacob Jacob was on the board and and was at the right value were we had employees that's why we took it that's Chris Ballard explaining that fourth round pick Jacob Eason quarterback from Washington still need explanation on that second round pick Jonathan Taylor running back from Wisconsin it's not that he's not great it's that we were looking for running backs Tony Katz ninety three W. I. B. C. good morning Kevin bell and joins us from ninety three five one eight seven five the fan he's got the ten calls take aways from the twenty twenty NFL draft let's start with those first two picks in the second round hit man Michael Pittman wide receiver from USC and Jonathan Taylor the running back from Wisconsin wide receivers we knew we knew there was a desire for those those are gonna be some of the topics how amazed or how may is for you that Jonathan Taylor was taken in the second round by the colts or were you like yep that's just perfect Chris Ballard all right well I would be on a different perspective Ryan Gregson attacking footballers doom or whatever it was I mean they will they love Jonathan Taylor and their office needs G. old will need more people to play makers but bad for marlin back when he's done everything you could ask for for a fourth round pick and it's probably just another reminder of parents don't have your kids play running back because in today's NFL running backs don't will get second contracts very often and Marlon Mack is entering a contract year and and clearly they look at Jonathan Taylor is the new kind of number one running back for this team because very explosive player if he campaigns will will know him full while on fifty fifth and production over the last three years or what content honestly it ranks right up there with any of the running back in college football history felt it is an upgrade it wasn't a need by any means but it does give this offense another sport to play maker which was needed so we're not going to see a trade firm for Marlon Mack we're not to see him go anywhere he's still going to be the the the featured back this season you think our readers but I I would not expect a trade I think it's gonna be a one two punch I think you could be something where you're almost rotating these guys you know person second down Jonathan Taylor one person second I'm Marlon Mack on the next theory and you need a stable of running backs to agree I mean Marlon Mack got banged up last year for a couple of games that night hi it can be a cost catcher out of the running back group but the key position for Philip rivers in its past history I think they'll still be involved as well it's looking forward Marlon Mack in a contract year I think this move indicates he's not read by next March well with Jonathan Taylor added with Marlon Mack so having you talk about name Heinz you talk about the pick of the Roosevelt Nix's fall back please bring back the wishbone I would love to pull off yet although I don't think Philip rivers most read a foot human being at the center of the the old mantra of the run the you know what the ball on that have been taken to the nth degree by the cold can you take in a little bit but the call for a really really good run came last year they were not in the least running game that was kind of feed we thought that if he didn't play out when the cold space pop can run defense last year they did not produce an adequate enough level this is another step in trying to be very committed to running the football and you know Donald Taylor if you look at his numbers and his big play ability with so many times they with hitting those fifty sixty yard run and I think it again that part of your offense especially the play action game where you can make can be like oh gosh not only that Marlon Mack now you've got to worry about Jonathan Taylor that could open up on the play action after talking to Kevin Bowen from ninety three five one seven five the fan on the Dr Huber dot com hotline so Michael Pittman in the second round receiver from USC then Jonathan Taylor we go back at the defense with Julian Blackmon in the third round of from Utah safety as we've already twin traded away Quincy and then the fourth round comes and Jacob Eason is sitting there from Washington and the call to the side yep we're doing it again perfect Chris Ballard or whole league crap what's going on no I don't think of that holy crap because it was in the fourth round but it was notable I mean responded pretty adamant they were gonna take quarterback in the first three rounds and we're not going to lay up for Jordan long wait around one which I think a lot of people thought it impossible but I am perfectly content with this graphic Frank Wright is known for his quarterback development career commander like a few years ago Philip rivers had a career season under Frank right now Carson Wentz had an MVP caliber campaign under Frank right vastly different skill sets of the three quarterbacks but they reached a pretty high level under Frank right hello take a shot you don't have a long term quarterback that is in place by any means even has some intriguing traits there is definitely a development that is needed but for a fourth round pick at number one twenty two why not take a flyer on a guy that some people thought including him would go much much earlier there are questions a little bit leadership character work ethic you would hope they'd be in a professional environment maybe a bit humbled you're learning under Philip rivers will help that certainly confirm what what questions as well the good news is you don't need them at all I actually thought you can be reset to still be the back up here and then carry three quarterbacks you don't need to be there but it's hard to develop a little bit the Philip rivers sat for two years Eric Rogers after three years even the great cash from home for a year eight about Frank right getting his hands on a little bit of clay the lady vols yeah we're not gonna carry four quarterbacks into the season aria no you okay give me Chad Kelly will be gone or maybe he's going to practice squad but I mean they carried three late last season and Philip rivers article beeper static J. could be that would be that the rate fell it is a bit of a numbers crunch trust me in a perfect world I would have probably moved on from the Kobe percent and try to get some drastic that's the route that I would have gone that's not how the cold operate they are obsessed with you go the person that we all should be loved as much as they love Jacoby at least the nothing keep him on their roster not necessarily defend either starting quarterback I would have done that but they're not going to go down that road J. could be then baited abundantly clear with competing for the third quarter backstop talking to Kevin Bowen one of three five one eight seven five ninety three five the fan the trade of of Quincy Wilson going to the Jackson was a second round pick a few years ago and now traded for a six round pick I believe a six round pick you're happy to see him go well yeah I mean I I thought when he was in love with the same guy that got a contact in the scheme but it was never great form here it was literally it was a matter of waiting with the straight and a half and not yeah the writings on the wall he was a healthy scratch for a lot of Lafayette and had been you know again dating back to previous coaching stops the truck but found out that my keynote coordinator staff in twenty seventeen and you know the the the the did you get with Chris Ballard has rebounded from that twenty five he dropped out with a horrible start to a ten year with Quincy Wilson B. in a box throw basking in the third round black banner in the fourth round none of those guys yeah the final year of the rookie contract Emily cooker your first round pick there's still some questions on just where he that long term but again he rebounded with Marlon Mack Matthew Walker later in that draft I had an absolute home run in twenty eighteen and twenty nineteen to twenty twenty at home in three days so yeah Quincy not shocked by that at all I guess the fact that you got a fifth round pick this late in the process might involve you know better than nothing so when you take a look at this team now you take a look at what they look like for this season and it certainly looks like there's going to be a season not even a shortened season although it's possible I it looks like it's going to be a full on season you look at the AFC south where the colts I think they're legit contender I'm not gonna lie every time I looked up at the lake and he would make a good graphic as well well I I I still think kind of he will be out there I put Tennessee in Indianapolis add you know put a one here competing for the division title Houston flood the best quarterback in the nation for you can't put them too far off and they have won the division four out of the last five years sometimes we we we act like bill o'brien at the laughing stock and J. lo and behold detecting theme we won the division every year I think that's how the pecking order looks like in their feet your campus and he got him in Baltimore still I don't want the whole lot and they were the two top seed in the conference last year I think they will still be in the mix but without a doubt the cult of gotten better much more entertaining product which needed to happen as well a girl born that often look late last season but I think the cold can I can win a three thousand this year that's given by one ninety three five one seven five the family sometimes the fan dot com check out his work of their cabin by one of the drives people dot com hotline map there was traffic all the files with the Matthews did throw them on the side right now where we have the I. seventy closures from four sixty five to the north well you can check out the.

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