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Fouled by fell at my AKA Referee. Just going to bring a stop to it have a chat with some of the rail monarch staff who are less than thrilled Jamison Olave, a leading those protests on the near side. But meanwhile labs trying to get his assistance like I will handle this, you guys get back. You don't want to get us in trouble here. And here is going to be the card. So yellow card issued to the bench of The real monarchs. I think it was for gold. Alas, but Not 100% sure on that one. See if our monitor will Give us that one. See how the graphics department works out there. A diverse is health, yellow car, mental health and well being, for all as we get another Look at this one. I think you might be right rolling by Jamison. Olave is beside himself. He sure is. Meanwhile, play resumes switchbacks with the lead looking for more and a nice play there. By the real monarchs to take that ball away from Haji Berry, now powder dribbling across midfield. Lays this one up to Monta. Now, Brett Halsey. Passes it back to ya, Colo Roscoe. Goes all the way back to Jeffrey do snub. Real monarchs will try the far side of the field approaching the hour marks, which backs on the board moments ago, thanks to Haji Berry. Will open here for Sam Brown. And Brown trying to play this one through powder for and I don't think that one touch the switchbacks, and they're not gonna be a goal kick. You had Matt Mahoney, who is sliding in He was perfectly fine, knocking that ball out of play. But then powders past just kind of hopped over Mahoney and out and it will be a goal kick for Colorado Springs one hour into this thing. Yeah, you thought that Sam Brown might be able to take a strike at goal there? He had an awful lot of space in the middle. Of the field switchbacks. Would put any money will make a change here pretty soon, and that change will be Stephen Echeverria, who will come into this match. Right? Isn't the case You can tweet your criticism to at gingerly tweets. I'm used to it. All send downfield. Haji Barry with it back to Yaya Toure, it Tory. So Jose Torres goes back to Jimmy Oxford. Offered to his right for Michael Edwards. Edwards across midfield. Do Shane Beckford. I've heard out to Sebastian Andersson, who had even see on the far side he was hiding. He's blending in with those. Yeah, those field signs on the force I e. Is. I mean, I should expect him to be there, but it just I was like, Where's the shame? Passing it to Here's Michael Edwards again. Through the middle of the field for Jose Torres near sideline. Haji Barry's got one already. Would be It depends on like him to score another. But as Roland said, great defending, thereby real monarchs, and they'll clear that ball out headed by Jimmy offered Matt Mahoney, Jose Torres. It was Brett Halsey there that was left on an island one on one with AGI Berry, former Cavalier from the University of Virginia did a good job just to When that ball back, Saucedo goes flying across books, his left footed Clearance forward in the real monarchs actually have some space. I thought I heard him, say Wa hoo! After he made that play. As the bonds of going out off of, I believe it was Michael Edwards, but it sure looks like the switchbacks might get the throwing, But we'll worry about that in a moment. Stephen Echeverria, as promised. By Roland Varga. Sh. Send your Praise to at Roland Vargas on Twitter. Stephen Echeverria will make his way into the contest for Stephen. It will be his 18th appearance of the year. Still looking for his first goal, but it does have and assist this substitution brought to you by the William G. Herbal sports Medicine and Performance Center. Learn more at H Y bl Center. Dot org. Yeah, that should push. That's a very a into the middle of the field. Get Andre Lewis out onto the right hand side to Shane Beckford over on the left in support of Haji Berry and should be held the switchbacks. Line up. Looks like that's what they'll do that your area trying to make some of those overlapping runs at Andre Lewis was doing so well like that one. And Yaya, Tory, by the way, is the player that whose night is over but filled in well, getting a spot start tonight. And now the shade back for what had move on the sideline. Always going out, and he just reached out with this foot, pulled it back to him and then gone around his defender, Nifty move there. And now Haji Barry, trying to numb make a guy that won't work. All sent towards midfield. I mean, it usually works. Are you? Just not on that particular try. Meanwhile film I Arka getting whistled for the foul. Didn't see that one. If I'm honest look like a 50 50 challenge just in front of the referee With the realm. Monarchs will take it. They'll go forward with.

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