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As vaccinations remains slower than expected. America's listening to Fox News 93. W Y PC mobile news on the level on the go using a new school formula. The radar's clear cloudy and 30 degrees on Monument Circle. I'm Sean Herrick for Bill Estes. Ford. Here's what's trending at 702. Berrien County Health authorities may never close all schools in the county again because of coronavirus, says Marion County health director Dr Virginia Kane. The new formula measures the positivity rate in individual schools, Individual American section control. And other issues that are turning your school determines whether any changes need to be made. People need to be concerned about that The school positivity right is compared to the entire counties before they even think about closing. Wednesday's chaos of the capital left many Americans wondering how to move forward, including Republicans after witnessing the events. I believe many Americans to maybe Donald Trump supporters. Certainly many Republicans, they we don't stand for that. We believe in that. Be out from the election, but we're not going to tolerate or accept this. Dr. Laura Wilson, a political science professor at U ND says What happened at the Capitol should be a moment for America to seek an opportunity for change The president's words inside it what eventually happened at the Capitol, says Congressman Larry Bush on a Republican who represents Southwest Indiana. Chris Davis reports they incited. All right, who, Sean says the people who participated in the capital breach should be prosecuted. The president's words were more appropriate, and I think the president made a face serious mistake by using those type of terms. It was taken literally. He says. He's proud, though, of Vice President Mike Pence for sticking to the law, even though it ran him afoul of Trump. Whether the president should be removed, Bhushan says. No comment. We'll have to see how that plays out. Chris Davis 93. W I. B C Mobile news. Some lawmakers want stronger penalties for rioting in Indiana, Kurt Darling reports on one law professor who says that's not necessary. State Senator Jim Tom's bill would create a new set of guidelines for city governments to follow to punish people for rioting. It's a bill that Jennifer drove back a law professor of IU tells which TV She isn't a fan of you already have. Laws against looting, vandalism, violence, etcetera, she feels the bill would make current rioting laws more ambiguous. Leaders in the state Senate do not plan to take the bill up for discussion. Kirk Darling 93 w. Y B C Mobile news. It's winner Go home in the NFL playoffs tomorrow for the Indianapolis Colts. They play the Buffalo Bills in the wild card round at one o'clock on 93 5 and one of 75 the fan. Two Penguins of the Indianapolis Zoo are first time fathers as they welcome their first child into the family. Madison McGill reports to.

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