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A long way back. That is a great man, agreed country artist heartbreak, right in Bell Country USA show here a little bit after the hour on. Tell you about Don Gibson. Because he is a man who I just think is one of the great great country on his great songwriter, great man and a guy who is very dedicated. You know we heard Dolly Parton. Back there don was with Dolly Parton Puerto, Wagner as we were doing our big gene bell seventh anniversary show at at here, Nashville Coliseum, and I'll never forget Dolly came out I made a comment about how big her breasts are because. If you've seen Dolly, Parton you know that her breasts are huge, their enormous and you can't but help wish that you had one of those or both of them. And I say this with all due respect Dolly both of them in your mouth, and I said that, and maybe I shouldn't have said that Don was there with his wife and daughter. In fact, his daughter is under the age of ten, and I looked down at her, and I said excuse me on, but I. I have to say I would love to have Dolly Parton boobs in my mouth. And that's when Don said you know what I've known you long time Jim and I usually would give you a warning, but that was so inappropriate and so crude. I don't think I will be picked up. What looked like a stapler? I'm not exactly sure what it was with some heavy metal object. Were you there berry? Goes those things paperweight? Abraham Lincoln That's right. It was Lincoln Memorial. It was a paperweight of the Lincoln Memorial. He picked it up and he almost like he was throwing it, but it never left his hand. He crashed it into the side of my skull, and some people later claimed that they actually saw my skull diminished by about a half an inch is the entire side of my skull went in blood began to come out of. Of, that ear, and that I had matted blood in my hair, and as I staggered away, I looked at him and with all honesty. I said all it was doing was talking about something that any man would, and he didn't bother. He took the paperweight again and this time smashed it into my face. Now understand this is only two weeks after It was only two weeks after I believe it was dickey, Lee or Dave Dudley had. A monkey on me! which is the the when he flat my face? Yeah. He jammed my face right into the side of that. A metal pole so I'd already had monkey on now. I get this paperweight into the face and I wasn't very understandable after that because there was blood clotting in my mouth, and my lips were swollen, so it was something along the lines of you go global home. You know something like I'm not. I'm not trying to be funny although it was very very funny, I was laughing I was the guy getting my ass kicked. I was laughing and I was the guy getting my head crushed, and my face caved in by this big heavy had to have been about a five or ten pound Lincoln Memorial paperweight. that. Don Gibson picked up, but I said boggled Walton Ball. You know that. I'll tell you right. I said why don't you? Ball he hit me again with a paperweight I dropped to my knees, and that's when I was boot level, and he hit me right between the eyes with the the tow, and you can understand. That's a very very difficult kick, so it was almost like a martial arts kick. He lifted the knee up and flex that foot back and forth hit me right between the eyes with the toe of that heavy metal boot of that cowboy boot with metal tip on him, and it actually did put an indentation at broke the top of. Of My nose and cracked my skull between my, both by is an cracked his skull so severely that my eyes began to point in zwide crossed is for about two weeks as the a plastic surgeon went to work to try to wire my head back into the right shape that it was supposed to be in because after a Donna got done with me, he had he'd smack me around so much that my skull it was not lined up. It was not the perspective was off. People had a hard time. Lining up would walk up. They would walk up and they try to shake my hand, but they didn't know who or what to look at because the perspective of of my head was off, and it was almost it was almost as if there was a The third dimension was missing so in any event. That's what was happening there and I said I got I gotTa just say I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say about Dolly Parton. Huge enormous breasts with your ten year old daughter there at I hope you. You forgive me, and he said no, I don't think I ever will forgive you and I went ha ha, and as I by my mouth was open, as I was saying ha, ha, that's when he took what looked to be an athletic sock, and I didn't know this, but he'd been soaking it in kerosene and jammed into my mouth. He lit it very slowly, and he held by. Josh shut and keep in mind i. just come for the plastic surgeon I'd had my skull wired. Sort of together at style I still needed work. Still do now need work does my head. You're a little bit. GET AHEAD STILL UP. But he held my mouth shut as this suck burned inside my inside my head, basically and spoke was coming out of my eyeballs. I gotTA. Tell you it must've been a sight. It.

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