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For one here's Tracy Morgan. Trying to explain jussie smollet song. By that story. Komo first of all races. People don't be jumping nobody in the polar vortex. Don't be watching this to be in the spring. Ten seconds of footage. He disappears. Two seconds. Then he'd be appears with the news one next to hold on the subway sandwich. The subway sandwich. Go he didn't. Rony cheese. To the racist. What it had to be watching empire forgotten about that little piece of information? Would you walk that empire understand more of them is day? Really hate show. Can you believe it to them not do tower? That is it. Emmy winning performance out there tower to Raji pity Hanson. Who's in the? She is she in the new the one with Sam Rockwell about the true story about this teeth. This black woman and Ku Klux Klan member grand wizard in this little southern town during like race right at summer and how they had an unusual relationship like like, they became friends. Best of enemies. Now, see I liked her in that one. She's in it. Dr Sam Rockwell code go, go plane go, but I'm not gonna watch NPR. You're going to find their best in show in the middle of coldest dam Ryan Chicago history and his research to know that he's gay. Can't that. He watched a subway to the more. We gotta go get a news. Don't types the tuna sandwich. Okay. Leave that alone bleach. Okay. News fine tuna sandwich off limits. Did you get the bleach? We forget the yard just bring a tad pin..

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