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Joe Staley Zach stream even said that even though they lost the saints lost that game witness said that he he would put the Super Bowl above that. But it's it's number two. So it wasn't number one on these guys with it was number two show. I mean, it's it's something that they wanted to share. But I think as time goes on you, you want to you wanna do that a little bit more to sort of memorialize it and the other part was that, you know, at that point. It was a fantastic game. But the forty nine. Played another game. The next week another bruiser against the New York Giants show a lot of the. You know, the celebrate celebration of that game got swept under the rug because there was another, you know, even bigger game coming down the pike. So people forgot about it and didn't really get its proper do. And that's another reason why I wanted to to write about it. Was there anything in the interview that surprised you what was the kind of the biggest surprise? Oh, I didn't know that whether it be about the game or or really about the the process all told I didn't know that just how gut wrenching the law was to the saints. It's the biggest loss in the history of that franchise. I had so many people tell me that. And I'm like, wait say this inches lose. You know, a horrible game in Minnesota. When when the guy just like, you know, try to tackle a phantom on the field there. And and the answer was. Yeah. Even even bigger than that. And it was because they. Had been so good. And so good at the end of the season. And we're just killing teams, you know, scoring forty points game on a roll, you know. Drew Brees at the top of his game Jimmy grim at the top of his game. Darren sproles untackled little Marcus Colston, every Henderson just a just a an array of weapons and everything just working out. Great and really some talented defensive players to. I mean, look at the safety Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins, I mean, the they they got rid of Jenkins largely because of that game. Everybody is so she aided Jenkins that game, and it sort of blind them to the fact that he this is this is really good safety. And it turned out that that he has been. I mean, consistent all pro and Pro Bowl since then show, I didn't realize just how devastating it was to that organization..

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