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Cbs news on the hour presented by quicken loans i'm jim chenevey a winter storm is climbing up along the east coast right now stretching from north carolina to eastern pennsylvania new jersey and new york this after dumpings from rare snowfall on parts of the south i'm jim krasula two of the south's most iconic coastal cities savannah georgia charleston south carolina our weathering their biggest snowfall in nearly thirty years rebecca campbell plans to a joyous snow day with their four kids in floored south carolina or that playing come in and be worn and pain there have been blizzard conditions odd north carolina's famed outer banks and of the hampton roads area of southeastern virginia including norfolk newport news virginia beach chip chrysoula cbs news raleigh north carolina and upcoming book on the trump white house has prompted a cease and desist order from the president's lawyer charles harder is charging that mr trump chief strategist steve bannon is violated a nondisclosure agreement in quotes contained in the michael wolff book fire in fury cbs's john dickerson the picture that he paints in the white house says the white house in chaos campaigning chaos and a president who is not really up to the job and so it is refuting those claims that the white house has not yet done president reacted to excerpts of the book shayne bannan as lost his mind the president's former campaign manager paul manafort is suing special counsel robert muller alleging the muller's russia probe has exceeded its legal authority correspondent jeff progay later ford says investigation that led to his indictment in october is about failing to file certain reports about offshore bank accounts and failing to register as a foreign agent none of the charges he says relate to his activities during his in as trump campaign chairman and shoot also charges that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein exceeded his authority and giving muller card blush to pursue criminal charges in connection with anything he stumbled across some excitement at the home of bill and hillary clinton in chappaqua new york of fire and and outbuilding that's used by the secret service w cbs tvs tony iowa president clinton and hillary clinton are said to be safe they were not even at their home win this fire started fire reported in a converted red barn behind that dutch colonial that the clintons purchased in 1999 that converted red barn is a facility used by the united states secret service in colorado springs 23yearold thai shaun gayle is accused of.

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