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Has passed away. Nancy Wilson was eighty one years old. This is what her manager has announced this morning. Miss Wilson passed away peacefully. They say Thursday at our home after a long illness. Wilson was from Chile chillicothe, Ohio. She initially focused on Rb music, but later excelled Ejaz ballots and torch song she made her debut in her nineteen sixty one single guests who I saw today. Our biggest hit came in one thousand nine sixty four with you. Don't know how glad I am which rose through the charts to number eleven spot on Billboard's hot one hundred singles and earn to a Grammy award for best Rb recording. She's won so many and so many beautiful performances. John legend reacted to Wilson Wilson's passing on Twitter. Great sadness again starting out with the sad note. The great Nancy Wilson has passed away. She was eighty one years old. No. As in Asia's latest budget deadline approaches looks like the president's still sticking by his demand for five billion more dollars to build a campaign promise border wall and threatening to shut down the government if you days from now, if the congress doesn't authorize the money he wants Trump's claiming again that Mexico is going to end up paying it with the savings. He says extracted by the former NAFTA deal, which is now called US. However, the expected incoming speaker of the house in January congresswoman Nancy Pelosi seems to feel Trump may not really understand how trade agreements were basically what he's saying any benefit our economy might have a from a trade agreement. A revised trade agreements would be spent on the wall instead of growing our economy, increasing paychecks for workers, the American people still paying the price and Pelosi says that a partial shutdown the government would actually cost the US billions of dollars the deadline for the college to agree in a budget to avoid all of this December twenty first fast approaching right admitted Russian operative Maria booting off has become the first from her country to acknowledge being part of Moscow political influence campaigner in two thousand sixteen election, but nof ended a federal court yesterday and pled guilty to mount to mounting a campaign to influence top Republicans. She said she did by using connection with the National Rifle Association and the national prayer breakfast has agreed to cooperate with the US. Prosecutors expected to. Spend less than six months in prison is she sat behind bars at all. And then she's supposed to be deported back to Russia. Judge selected February twelfth a hearing to assess her value when it comes to the ongoing investigation. Finally. The copyright lawsuit. Filed over the song. Blurred lines has finally been settled, a California federal judge has entered a five billion dollar judgement against Robin Thicke and ferrall Williams and in favor of the family of the late. Great Marvin Gaye.

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