Winston, Tommaso, Abbleby Outpoint discussed on MSU Basketball vs. Cleveland State


Well rates drive for michigan stay five points were winston through for wars that said a not bad michigan state of course three of three and getting everything they want right now big reason why dentists felt wanted to call that timeout but tommaso wanted this kind of started you talked about a michigan state looks engaged on defense and right now that's a really big thing for him and his team and we barely play the men change eighteen forty eight go first apropos way michigan state seven cleveland satan abbott no we've seen this ballclub filled on contagious type atmospheres right now that looks like we're going to get one of those performance as abbleby outpoint gets her over now they're the word order does a carpenter why they're trying to get some gone this motion but defence of michigan state special fasp ashdown will in that time some bodyguards slipped on a pick and is anthony white went up for the buck have you got fouled to get a couple of free throws jaren jackson got off his feet could do nothing there but run into woman followed so adds the first power this basketball game this crowd is interesting when i finally got into the building there were many people here and then the next time i looked at there's everybody's your places backs yeah first free throw up and in that time my anthony right pretty good free throw shooter and seventy four percent on the year he's your top pri banner gets about six board game go six seven second free throws also good so those are the first to for the vikings that's my skin state seven claiming sate as to eighteen 28 to go first have little ball out front langford not much going on there what you're taking their defense matt well right now manda man been with patients michigan state should be able to get anything they want in the backcourt winston why crowd right now still dribbling round out award here i should say.

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