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Free the word with david platt is a resource from radical darden isaiah chapter fourteen verse 24 the lord of hosts as sworn as i have planned social had be and as i have purpose so shall its stand and this is a of verse that comes in the middle of isaiah prophesying god is speaking through isaiah about judgment concerning a syria and it's in the middle of passages about judgment of upon many different nations the whole point though is that we know what isaiah's prophesying would god is speaking through isaiah will happen so this isn't just a guess about the future this is a promise about the future and the reason we know it's a promise is because god whatever he plans and whenever he purposes he accomplishes gone has all power all authority this part of what it means for god to be sovereign it means that he in his providence plans and purposes certain things and he brings those things to past as i have planned social at be and as i have purpose so it stand now here's why that is so encouraging to us today because we look all over god's word and we see his plans and his purposes a he purposes we've seen in different parts of isaiah god's purpose to save people from among the nations and we know that that's his purpose and it will happen we know the god plans two preserve his people to the end to bring them into full and final redemption into communion with him forever in heaven and that's not just a maybe this will happen in the future that said definite this will happen in the future because god has planned at he has purpose did and it shall be it shall stand you apply that to all of god's promises in the bible he promises so many different things in weaken trust in those promises because he is sovereign what he says happens period.

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