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Controversy seems to follow former Milwaukee Kelly park, stricter sue black where ever she goes. Now in Arizona where she had suspended by that state's governor yesterday her top deputy also suspended amid a criminal investigation being opened into the agency that black runs the Zona Republic. Reporting allegations that Arizona, state parks and trails, which is what black is running repeatedly developed land without regard for laws, protecting native American archaeological sites. All in a rush to build cabins trails and other features in an effort to boost revenue will go a little deeper into that story in just a bit because mayor Tom Barrett did call good morning mayor Tom Barrett. How you doing? Great. How are you? I'm doing great doing great happy. Well, this is it this is it's it's time for people to come down in. Hop. Laureus day. And we want people who joy this. Did you sleep last night? Hey slept like a baby tonight. Tonight. You have to be excited. Well, you know, it's obviously been a long battle. But it's something that I think people learn derided and learn to appreciate it. I think they're gonna see. Okay. Look where we're competing with cities like Minneapolis and Denver, Seattle and Atlanta. And that's where we want to be. And we want to be able to attract and retain a lot of connect people the people in places to places we're very thankful for me because as a result of their generosity. All right. We'll be free for the first year here. I have heard some people concerned about possibly the homeless people climbing on board, the hop and and staying warm and sleeping on their who is going to be policing. These will watch you police obviously had jurisdiction over it. And I'm very top. If a lot of competence police department. There's problems we're going to deal with problems. Just like we do every part of the city detractors will save doesn't go anywhere right now. It's only a downtown thing. Who's gonna ride the hop? Oh, I think it'd be thousands of people who ride the hop, and it's going to be people who live in the area. It's gonna be people who work here. It's gonna be visitors obviously connects to the train station so visitors from other town the extension. The first extension is gonna go very close to summer fest. Obviously it'll be used by that. But I think it's going to get us and our intent and our goal obviously also used to extend this, but that's going to be dependent on several factors. Can we depend on whether we can get the federal funds, and we're hopefully we'll be able to do that. And whether people ride it, but again, we're Milwaukee we like things for free. So come on down hop on the hop after the year is up and the free rights are over. What is going to be near? We're looking at a at a dollar right now. But we're hoping to perhaps we can find someone who wants to help us as we move forward to. But that remains to be seen. We're live with Milwaukee. Amir time Barrett WTMJ and day one of the hop. You mentioned the extinction to near summer fest. That also involves the coach is the couture still going to happen. In will the road happened. If the coach doesn't come off on schedule. Oh that we're very very tour is going to come off as scheduled. And I think it'd be hearing more about that in the days to come. So we're we're very optimistic about that as well. Let's give you one more chance to speak to those who say this isn't gonna work. What do you say to the hop haters mayor Barrett? When I say to the people who who have not fallen in love with it yet because I believe in there's always a chance for redemption, commodity Joyce, right up. I think I think people just perception of a nineteen forties rickety, red trolley. And when you see it's asleep twenty-first-century vehicle, and that's what the city is. We're fighting back, and we want to continue to grow and every city that is growing in this nation has some sort of fixed transit than we want to be part of that Newark. Mayor Tom Barry joining us live on day one of the hot the streetcar in downtown Milwaukee. Thank you so much. All right. Take you about seven forty four. Doug, Russell has sports next. Sponsored by Wisconsin Harley Davidson, you know, kinda just south of I ninety four and highway sixty seven he calls every snap..

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