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They should. Dog bit rubbish. But this is for the same reason that your website is on your website. It's not just medium or squash spice now is exactly what if. You're comparing apples to oranges. The reason the reason why my website I hosted him when I say send me my brother hosts, it is because I have much more flexibility in how I can in how I run my infrastructure. Right? So like I care about my infrastructure being under my control content, whether it's images or whether videos that basically going to be viewed embedded, I'm fine with them living somewhere else under the requirement that I can get those videos back if I need them. Okay. There's some stuff. I mean, all happily upload stuff to to YouTube, but if it goes bang, all Google to my account of as we discussed five me if workers pig, if YouTube goes away, no, my count goes away if to cut my count, which we just discussed ten minutes ago. We're talking about this pitchy figs seems to be a pro seems to be a solution designed for people who will worried about that accounts being cut off by Google. This is such a tiny proponent. I think it's an approach which isn't just let's pick hundred thousand big people with loads of Bamut and have them ads on my videos aren't think he's just annoys it is you can turn Zoff you only you have to specifically switch ads on YouTube to just to. Would you say are won't odds on my video? But if you upload a bunch of and they get loads of use Google ads, they pay the bills right? Now the ad thing, right, fair enough. I get. I think these to not have as videos. There is some value believe in if you want to exercising control over the stuff, you publish it exactly as as yeah, but the problem with this is they only works if lots of people using. No, it's exactly if people are on your site looking at that video. Yes. Otherwise, if you have a site that like take your Cy act, my site will questions to one side questions got slow traffic like our postal sights will get a reasonable number of traffic, but it's not going to break the Bank. Okay. Because very specific looking for something very specifically, the probably not gonna be enough people look in a blog post from three years ago with with a p. h. video embedded it. You're probably just going to be eight in the bandwith because that's the point that point you'll find the Pam with because there are many people looking at. The few. But this surely this works well, if you've got a lot of people looking at your site, right? So if you've got two thousand people on your site right now and the watching the same video than that, the bits from that video distributed among those thousand people and and your band with his relatively low. I get that, right. So if you have a site got consistently high traffic, I see that there's a utilize ation for this. Denying that if you don't have a site that's consistently high traffic, right? Most sites will have consistently traffic on the few pieces of cornerstone content, any one time. And then particularly with the blog like traffic slows down considerably for the old posts. Then what's going to happen is you'll be paying lies for having less traffic with if you wanted to solve that problem a year ago, you go, okay. My video to somewhere else. I won't control infrastructure was quite a thing. So you just blowed MP fall to your own website. If not that many people download it, nothing has changed. If lots of people suddenly start out loading it because you get slash dotted, then you don't suddenly get a huge spike inbound with. That's me seems an Oviously good thing. I, I agree. All you can afford the whole issue and just use YouTube Abson account that blow juicer. I think the to distill this down because while this is an interesting conversation, we do have other news Johnson. Federated services are interesting at. We should probably have more federated service in general because centralized authority of things on the internet's bad thing for everyone..

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