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I always discovered was after the cause. If we get services and whatnot, people would drive him for maybe 102 100 miles, and then they would just sit in the garage and become beauty queens. Or, for that matter, just become a mushroom growing plant on Benny Times, I would get cars and then later on 10 years later, believe enough on the same customers, and I often wonder why don't these people Try this car's on a more regular basis instead of only Every few years and whatnot. So what encouraged me? That census. You know what? Let me be an advocate to get these people to get this car's out so About eight years ago. So 2013 Had returned from North Carolina because I opened up the shop in North Carolina from New York. And then ultimately, I came back various reasons for that. And the first person that came out of the blue and he was an old time customer was Giuliano. You know, T So he came with his car, and he was so enthusiastic that I couldn't believe that he's still on the card. It's a 35 years or so. He was, I think the second owner of the car from two years of age and you service that coffee the entire 35 years. No, it just so happens that I did not do. The circumstances turned out that he would go visit my cousin out. Involvement the hell you also had an office shop. And I had separated from certain people because I was always moving around. I never stayed in the same spot more than 20 years. So after I came back It was just a coincidence that Juliana was in the neighborhood. And him and his wife were on his wife assess the value of houses for the insurance companies and before the banks And they drove by test to shop. And of course, that I saw this car I was outside. Stop and somebody jumps out of the car and he goes. Hey, you know, do you have a business card? I see all these office over here talking from your shop. I haven't seen this in such a long time. I have an Alfa so I'm looking at him and saying play. I know this guy That's been a while since I've seen him and sure enough, it was Giuliano. Did you know that you don't remember who I am? This is Oh, my God. It's still all right. And what some guys used to call me. Joe. Some comes from the old timers used to call me Joey believe in our cause. When I started, I was that young. They called me, Joey running up and down the cars. So that started a real strong relationship. Hey, has become almost every week to shop and, of course with his car, so I said to him, Jos Why don't we, uh, that was his nickname, Jules, by the way. Because you know what? Don't we just get together? This, uh, this Sunday and we'll just drive around Whitestone and Flushing and come back down the course I'll talk way back to the O. The story shop where I was And then we'll have breakfast. It will try toe. Get some more guys to join it. And sure enough, we cannot Within two weeks we had about 12 guys. And with that excuse, you know, we used to go visit another friend Jonas started. Hey, has his shop there Long Island City. And my job. First job was a little reluctant. He wasn't too much of a social guy like that, and having people in and out of his shop was not really His thing at the time, but he can't. He can't pitch. He can't but he can't pass up a bunch of Italians hanging out on Sunday morning, Right? Well, you see, that's what got him because we all came. In course, most of us spoke Sicilian. Which is his native language and where he is born. Because everything around around his parts was always speaking in Italian because of his cars and his his acquaintances in Italy and speed. You speak Italian. When you do these things you don't know speaking garlic. So, with my excuse, coming around and speaking director him. It really attracted him and we had a place to go and visit his shop. And this is the race cars. And that's how I actually we started on has grown up to about 22 guys. 25 guys, and I just have a small nice. I joined you back then, even though I didn't have an Alfa at a time. I used to have a fee yet, but I no longer had that. Um well, certainly the way we got more, Uh, close involve relationship was when you had that CIA, Dino. Yes, I got a pretty interesting call from all the other Fiats because it has that Ferrari engine and I should point out that we've been doing work for each other for about 30 40 years, right? Yeah, This is true. I would bring cars up to you at the time you only about a mile away from my shop. And I remember your dad starting the business and I was there, So we have a brain cars. We have a break coming up. So let's just tell everybody what we do on Sunday mornings and invite any other Italian car love is to join us. On Sunday morning, we usually meet up in massage, the shop on 48th Avenue and 35th Street and one on city. And from there, we did decide if we're going to take a ride, go through White stone and flushing. And then we always end up at this nice place called Bonnie Pinto in Middle Village. They make. Even though they're bakery, they actually make the best breakfast in Queens. Okay, we'll have to charge them for a commercial now. Yeah, I guess so. All right. Yeah, that's that's our goal is to drive the cars, get them out of the garages and then have breakfast. All right, So anybody who's interested in joining up with us anybody who loves Italian cause email US at auto lab radio at gmail dot.

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