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Week starting today Don Jr. and the meeting with. The Russians there's a theme and all the. Anti-trump networks newspapers theme is Basically put, out there, in talking points warm and, these people get that information and. Comes from democratic groups George Soros, curbs people like that so loosely, organized but there is a team of the week and, now we're going through the Russian collusion thing. Again this week I want to go there now it's. Bill O'Reilly dot com. Of course this is Bill. Reilly no spin news go, check it out on his website also a premium sign up over there to check out so Donald Trump junior gets. Information from somebody that we might have some damning information on Hillary Clinton it's called opposition. Research it happens all the time he goes to the meeting knowingly nothing wrong with that sits down and this Russian lawyer somehow connected to the Kremlin only talks about Russian, adoption according. To Don Jr. president says he didn't have any idea that the meeting was happening what. Exactly is it that the media thinks it has the left thinks it has on this. If it went down the way I do said, it way down what's legal what's wrong I think there, would there were misleading statements made by the Trump organization about the, meeting in the beginning and act. We could media, is hoping that Muller will seize upon that you misled us that she didn't tell the truth so, there or We have to punish you I think that's what you're absolutely right and. I said at a time anybody would have gone, into a meeting The Persian asking. Meetings I'm gonna show you damaging a bachelor opponent well, you're going to go and. See what they have and there's nothing. Wrong with that, a woman out, a Russian motor Russians in the room I don't know what happened. In a row but the question is why. They, make big deal out of it they feel that initial reporting by the Trump organization. Was not accurate and that's what they're trying to get And you've done this many times and I want to sort of, flip it and say yeah but the dossier yeah, but Hillary Clinton finance that yeah but? The Democrats finance that that is clearly something. That was made up opposition research paid for lock stock and barrel. By the left and we're ignoring that and talking about a meeting, is that nuts or is it me Well the media, not you park media Joe so am I but the media is not interested in the dossier story of warrants being issued on false pretense tonight interested in, that don't have investigators looking at that New York Times Washington Post don't care. About that, when something, comes up and put, it in the paper and then a follow up because the coup they want to remove Trump. They wanna get them in. A place.

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