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The number of dead and injured you're listening to abc news koa newsradio time is one oh two according to a study from real estate brokerage red fin denver ranks sixteenth in finding fresh food within easy walking distance redfin defines fresh food access as having a grocery store or year round farmer's market within a five minute walk now using that measure about twenty percent of denver residents can obtain fresh fruit easily up from seventeen percent in two thousand fourteen the sixteenth ranking is a spot ahead of san jose california and the spot behind detroit new york which has the best access three and four residents are within the five minute walk and the reports author john whitley says other cities where half or more residents had an easy walk to obtain food including include rather philadelphia miami oakland california and chicago after an hour weather delay on friday afternoon the rockies home opener was finally play against the braves voice of the rockies jack corrigan add the first pitch left handed hitting indoor in crt ready to lead it off in the first pitch of the game is inside in the low ball one after a cold damp game at coors field the rockies really never got on track they had homers from story and cargo but ended up losing to the braves eight to three saturday the rockies play again against the braves our coverage starts at five thirty first pitch at six ten and the pet store is offering a five hundred dollar reward to give the stolen puppy back after it was taken from its playpen and stuffed into a bag wednesday a couple can be seen on camera allegedly stealing a twelve we twelve week old yorkie from perfect pets and centennial it's the seventh time a dog has been stolen from the store the previous six have been returned the arapahoe county sheriff's office is investigating the theft next update at one thirty am roger crystal ball koa newsradio eight fifty eight am and ninety four one fm.

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