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Eight after the hour on the JV program. Trust your gut. This is emotional management. I'm Dr Christian Conti. We are probably the only species. It doesn't instinctively trust our gut. It's fascinating. Because as intelligent as we believe we are. We somehow overlook even the simplest warning from our gut. I knew I shouldn't have gone there last night. Then why did you go? I knew that was the wrong relationship for me. Then why did you stay in it? I know. Well, then if you know, then do trust, your gut instinct won't lie to you your instinct won't make you question things, a whole bunch of simply knows whatever you're deciding on step back and listen to your gut. Whatever your got tells you go with that, you know, right from wrong, you know, where you should and shouldn't go, and who you shouldn't shouldn't hang around. So listen to yourself because you're much wiser than you're giving yourself credit for me trust, your gut, and your gut is probably telling you to listen to more of what I have to say. So listen to tackling life my podcast with NFL legend Ray Lewis. Calorie drain contains absolutely no drugs. Absolutely. No stimulants. It is completely safe to take. Even if you're taking other medications is guaranteed or your money back. So you want to lose the way get on the program maintain UH stay on the program. Take care of things aches and pains. Stay with Calatrava C A L O T R E N Calatrava. He get it by going to top loss dot com. Ten percent off when you use the DJ be code. And if you buy more than three bombs you get a fourth one free. Make sure you check that box though, for DJBA to get the special deal or you can talk to a counselor at eight three three top loss people here. Retiring mcalinden on the air. And they wanna know what the real deal is with the story is. So I tell them to call that number and talk to an expert get on the program. Sign up get the all of the benefits by going to top loss dot com. Here's the discount code DJ. J v. Your station for local news and duck, football and basketball. News talk five ninety K U G an Eugene, Springfield. The emerald empire. Hurricane Michael.

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