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All the way over in Centerville yeah. I wonder if the father really wants the information to the sun. Yeah Hello I'll read. This is Jack Jack Sal. Just about to call you yeah. What about the girl in town named Martha Adams walked? I got a letter from a kid and cerebral asking about her. Sign homer Brown. No kidding well. Who's Home Brown? I know then how come he wrote to you what he didn't but not exactly anyway. It seems his father had some business with bipolar so we addressed his letter to sit benches on around seventeen if he has one. No not yet your letter say Henry read it to you the European or he aldridge your communication received and contents noted in answer to your request for information regarding the certain party in my town. I wish to state the following physically speaking. I find her very satisfactory. Signed Harry Cooper that's great white a PS as regards your request for exact dimensions. I could think of no way to get them without arousing. The suspicions of the Party in question defines a very satisfactory. Doesn't he sings to now. What does your letter said says dear whom they're Brown all boy signed. Red Stevens. Police say him. Hi Twenties Henry.

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