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Take the loss. Get out there all bags of carbon. Wow. Coming up next an update on the El Chapo trial of in following this every day, and the prosecution continues to build its case that indeed Joaquin El Chapo Guzman was the head of the big cartel, and he faces drug trafficking charges and all sorts of other charges which could give him life in prison. John and Ken show. Debra Mark has the news KFI AM six forty. Orange County radio station out. I'm Debra Mark live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. Sexual harassment claims have pushed out the state's Democratic Party leader. Eric Bellman says he'll resign after allegations of sexual misconduct. He says his departure will be good for people. He hurt. He also says residing good help his own health. He previously said he needed treatment for an alcoholic at least ten staffers and political activists have recently accused ballot of dirty jokes on what a touching. Edited timid ation top state officials pressed him to resign and LA times report says Valmond liked to talk about genitalia. Sex accent office crushes with staff members. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news. The rain is swollen the river and other creeks and flooded channels across the south land in atwater village, L A city, fire crews had to hoist a fifty year old man to safety after he was spotted clinging to a tree in the middle of the river in Orange County. You man. Had to be pulled to safety by a swift water rescue team from a flood control channel in Anaheim. A flash flood watch will be in effect in inland, Orange County. And it's full hills until early tomorrow morning swiftwater rescue teams in northern California have been sent to help people stranded in cars after a downpour in the paradise area, which was recently devastated by massive wildfire. The Buchanan sheriff's department has ordered evacuations because of flash flooding. The sheriff says about a dozen homes in a flooded area and rafts are being used to rescue people from water that's a couple of feet, deep recognition and a ticket out of prison in L A county may have been the reason a serial killer confessed to ninety murders. Fifteen of those were in LA FBI crime analyst Christie palolo was present. When Samuel little made, the confessions and says, he showed no remorse. It was not one of this is now him burying his soul that he's you know, trying to make amends. It was more. He he enjoyed. Storytelling part little was arrested in Kentucky and transfer to L A to face minor charges in two thousand twelve before DNA connected him to three murders. Little who's now. Seventy eight was sentenced to life in two thousand fourteen. Lieutenant Ronald McDonald has retired after fifty three years of chasing real hamburglar is as a cop for the Pomona police department. I cleaned before Ronald McDonald considered to be among the longest serving police officers in the state. Lieutenant McDonald says a lot's changed since nine hundred sixty five I started they didn't have handy talking with other people. Walkie-talkie? He says Pomona had a light on top of a tower with a phone at the bottom light went off you'd go to the phone and say, what do you want off you'd go to call? Now, there's DNA in social media as to why he stayed twenty years longer for the same pension. I enjoy interesting is complex MacDonald has worked everything from helicopter observer to watch commander in Pomona Corbin. Carson KFI news LA may have to raise the speed. Limit to make streets safer is a state law on the books that says cities have to set speed limits based on the natural speed observed by a traffic.

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