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2nd. Good morning, It's 12 minutes after seven o'clock, Let's open up the mailbox and check on some listener feedback. Yeah, I was talking the other day about, uh, Going to French restaurants. And Mrs Surratt loves French food, but me not so much. And I, uh I posed the question. Am I a barbarian? And this person said, Bob, You're not a barbarian. As long as you don't put ketchup on a hot dog. Okay, that is good to know. I don't and let's see. Here I run the career center in Valparaiso University, the economy, the job market is on fire. Employers are bombarding us with requests, job postings and openings they are desperate to hire. Well, everybody, uh, we talked especially in the in the hospitality industry is complaining that they can't. They can't find people. They don't have any. Any workers. And we're getting jobs numbers later today, I think, did we get him? You know there is about 15 minutes away. And, you know one caveat to when we say there's a shortage of labor is that employers who are paying more and offering incentives are having no trouble finding workers so there may be a pay issue involved there. More to come on that. As for the gas tax, they did not technically lie when they said no new taxes they just neglected to say, But that doesn't mean we can't increase existing taxes and, uh, look out. When you see what we can do with these? Yeah, out the gas tax went up here July 1st, didn't it? And, uh, we talked about this yesterday with the president of the better Business Bureau. The phishing scam for the driver's license facility does not say Secretary of State. The message, says Illinois D M. V, a non existent department. I received this scam via text. As well as one stating that I have overpaid my Illinois property tax with a link to file a claim. I have an Illinois phone number, but I lived in Wisconsin. Be well. Laurie in Wisconsin. Yeah, Be careful. That's that's all. It's all funny stuff. Um, Bob. Maybe it's time for you to send that one of your famous and informative tweets to David Ross to get the Cubs back on track. I'll work on that. And we heard from a lot of people, uh, who wanted to hear about their favorite hot dog stands? We had Vienna's, uh, Bob Schwartz on yesterday who wrote the book? Uh, What's that book called? Never put ketchup on a hot dog. Bills pub in Mandalay in his great hot dogs, even wrapped with fries. It sound rude 45 in Diamond Lake Road wrapped in fries. Yeah, that's uh, that's a That's a gene and Jude's made that famous and a lot of lot of people do that. It gives the hot dog a bit more of a grease taste, which is, uh, Kind of surges. Enjoy. You enjoy that. That's very important. Do you remember Garden hot dogs on 26th in Little Village between Springfield and Hamlin? We went there in the early seventies. That's the great thing about Chicago. Everybody's got a favorite. Uh, Neighborhood Hot dog stand only around here, right? Bob just wanted to let you know that the young comedy writer on the show you like hacks is the former SNL cast member Laraine Newman's daughter. Wow, I didn't know that. She's really good. That's a good show Hacks. HBO. Max, Right? Yeah. Check that out. You like you like that series a lot. And then we had quite a few, Uh Messages, emails and texts about my problem with my phone yesterday. And let me see here. Was was not getting my emails. At least not my AOL emails. I've just opened the scent. You'll find the message you wanted to read. Yeah, That's how I retrieved some messages I sent to myself because sometimes I send notes to myself and I wasn't seeing them yesterday. Is your phone in airplane mode? No, I checked. It was not an airplane mode Control. Um Joe solve the problem, though. By, uh what did you do? Joe? Can't remember now I change your password. Oh, yeah, right. And then we re entered the password and Everything. Everything was fine. But thanks to everyone who gave me some suggestions. I got some good ones. Going to your settings on your iPhone and then into mail, Delete your account and re enter your account info. That's kind of what we did. That's kind of what we did. That's the route we were going to take. But it wasn't accepting the password that we thought it was that basically we were forced to change the password, right Can't have too many passwords. Oh, this was the best idea throughout your fun and get two cans and a string. I don't think they suggest that at the genius bar doing 7 17 will get to extremely local news from Black Club Chicago. Next, Let's update the traffic in.

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