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That's what we said. No it is. It is interesting. Like, you're there from month. Right. Are two months. How long months? Yeah. Come you say what you're working on? Or can we not say we won't if I've said it before I'm working there's a movie called what we do in the shadows that came out about five years ago. It's really funny amazing movie that Jemaine Clement and not did. And this is the TV version of that movie. May a look at at at vampires almost in a reality real. Real reality show world house of empires. So the so funny man brilliantly done who is it for can you say with for? Affects. Right. Congratulations for you on working on such a great thing. And those guys are amazing. So beautiful. It's an it's fun because I didn't realize this. And I probably should have is that everything shoots at night when you deal with vampire, and you become a vampire. Oh, I am a vampire now like like who's calling? It's one in the afternoon. Do you not? Yeah. True. That is that was Jason yesterday. No. But that is that is amazing your whole world for the next month or so we'll be turned upside down. Yeah. But then the fun part. Is that weakens run the say and? You find out that you had a four hour weekend because your body walk is off. Yes slept. You slept. The entire time. Well, it is. It is an amazing. I again to me, I think is the series. Do you feel like going to not replace? But go deeper than say, a sequel movie would have done, you know, what I mean, you know, what it is. And this is not saying anything that wasn't said it Comecon. They did a thing at New York comic. Public takes place in it takes place in New York. Now New Zealand. It's it's a different set of empires. And it's real it's everybody's really funny out at berries on it and Perry. Yeah. Everybody rate. That's the best job. I've ever had. And you still do your podcast you still find a way to like sneak to the studio, and is that difficult to do in balance it along with everything else. Oh, yeah. Now, I did the show last night. And it really is at this point. When it's when it's really tight and we're shooting at night, and I'm just like I can't get away. And do this thing. The the the producers are back in New Jersey yet might congestion at and then they they start the show and run the show, and I'm like a guest on the show. Now, I call in ran men. I'm just say, hey, I gotta go. They're starting to block seeing now. So I got a and then I called back twenty minutes later, just kinda very strange. Well, it is. But I would imagine that your fans would be super stoked for you. And there is a little bit of behind the scenes kind of DVD extras aspect of that that they're getting like you're calling from the set which is kind of call. Yeah. You know, it's show biz lingo from that from. I'm out you're out there in video village and people just don't get it. They don't understand. I'm gonna swing by crafty. And see they have. They have any peanut ever nam weird granola bars. But nobody like now you're talking. Tall plastic Cup full of peanut Eminem for the eighty nine th time. While I to shoot. And I wonder why can't pants nature valley is only in business because of like shoots like film and television production. I've never seen a nature value, and lavar someone go Pat, go get the palette of nature valley granola bars just laid down over. Apple everybody loves the apple on especially it's made with apples yet every fucking granola bar is made with real. I don't know. How do you find time? Because I know this is one thing that I love about you. And I immediately why we're like, oh, we we we are like kindred spirits. I feel like you use your your sports and your fandom and certainly the NBA and whatnot as an escape from everything else. It's a chance for you to kind of turn everything off. And just enjoy something joy, you has nothing to do with what you're doing. We feel the same way about how do you find? Are you finding time to do that right now midst everything you got going on right now?.

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