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And it sounds like you have a pretty cool story about a young man in southwest Ohio, Zach, coordinate we can get update on no question about six months to eight months ago. We got a call. We got a letter from that's southwest Ohio. It's eating house where I had my first head coaching job eating high school, and and this is just down the road from there at a national trail, local high school, the youngster by the name of Zach horn and the letter shared that he had a problem with with some cancer, and he was going to have to have his foot amputated and his father was the defensive in line coach. There at national trail highschool and and thought that maybe contact with him. And Jim got on the phone and talk to him, and they had a fantastic conversation and Jim hung up the phone. He said, dad, just wanna tell you one thing. This guy is a man. This guy has it all together and I can't tell you how proud I am just to have visited with him. He had his foot amputated on may eighth of this year and got a call last week or last week, and they talked about it. This youngster has such a love and passion for the game of football. He is back playing football with a blade on his foot. He sent us a tape. He's in full pats helmet shoulder pads, kneepads ipads, sophomore at at the high school there, and they're playing what I consider the toughest drilling. All football. It's the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma chiller, do they have a plank? And then we have the video, they have a plank and they have a youngster over there. And I took as much joy and pride in the other youngster because he, he was the one that was going to block Zach, Zach, down in a three point stance on that board, this other young man's, he's down three point stance when they say, go, those bodies come to guide and the other youngster. I mean, he came off the ball. I mean he it was important for him to shows act that that that he was going to give his very, very best and the way it all came, they came together and I want to know they both rose up and they held their own. I mean, it's only one second two seconds. They held their own. You're just watching all. Once you saw Zack, you know, he just couldn't put enough pressure on it and and and that's the way the drill drill ended. And then there was a team surrounding them and they just came from everywhere. To celebrate with Zach that he was able to come back and and play football, and then they were playing. I'm not sure whether it's. Whether it's this weekend was this weekend or next week they played twin valley south in a JV game, which was the rivalry that that's the Ohio State Michigan game, and that was his. His goal was to deploy in that game, and I can't wait to hear of him being able to to have that experience in play in that football game. And then we talk about football and we talk about life and we talk about those youngsters out there play this game and love this game. And we, we talk about the horns of the world IRA. Our world is in good hands with with youngsters that are coming along like that. Can't imagine a better way to end Jack talk with a great story like that about Zach court and keep up the good fight, Zach, and look forward to hearing some more highlights from your football career down the road. A reminder..

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