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23. Pope Francis is in the hospital. The Vatican says the 86 year old experienced difficulty breathing recently and is being treated for a pulmonary infection. A Vatican spokesman says the Pope does not have COVID but needs several days in the hospital for therapy. Francis appeared in relatively good form at his regular Wednesday general audience, but he grimaced a lot, getting in and out of the so called Pope mobile. The Pope is scheduled to celebrate palm Sunday this weekend. And there's word Pennsylvania democratic senator John fetterman will get back to Capitol Hill in mid April, freshman saw treatment at Walter Reed national military medical center in Bethesda for clinical depression. A person close to fetterman says it's not clear when a leaf when he'll leave the hospital. He checked in back on February 15th. On the 53 year old fetterman suffered a stroke in May of last year, doctors say post stroke depression is common and treatable. A longtime public supporter of adnan syed is once again sharing her thoughts. This comes a day after a Maryland court reinstated syed's Baltimore conviction for killing former girlfriend Heyman Lee in 1999. Lawyer Robbie Chaudhry, a public supporter of syed, says he's living a fairly normal life right now. Adon has his own home, a non is going to work. His parents are both ill. He's taking care of his parents. There are questions about what happens next after Maryland's second highest court reinstated the murder conviction against sayyed, ruling that the hearing at which his conviction was vacated must be done again. In the meantime, she doesn't think he'll be taken back into custody. Well let's not go back to prison. I don't think so. Will there be another hearing on the motion of vacate? Yes, I think we're going to have to go through that entire circus again. We can walk him under the courtroom one more time with his conviction vacated. Nick and Ellie, WTO P news. Chad we spoke on Instagram Live today, science conviction was vacated last year because of problems with evidence. His case was made famous by the true crime podcast

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