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Fascinates me that that happens. I have no idea why it happens but I guess it's because March madness upset after upset after upset so the public rightfully takes advantage of that information and sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't but I think beginning this time of year when we get the Especially a road favorite of one of those four teams playing one of those four teams. If I said that right that would be assigned to bet that road favorite Because it's it's telling us that that that there's no reason for that to really be. There should be more like pick on the fact that it's minus three and you're thinking of my thought process if if I think it's picking my mass says it's pick them and the lines three then. I always assumed the lines right. And if I'm off by three that means the favourite is a team that I want to be on if I play. It makes a lot of sense and especially you know in a conference like that and especially you know you said in the context of getting into conference tournaments getting into March madness things of that sort so for these three games here on Saturday. Marquette Providence Villanova Xavier Georgetown to Paul. And even that we can expand on a little bit more that you do like I like vila-nova and we've talked about Villanova in past weeks. This is a time of year that Coach Jay Wright gets his troops organized. I honestly thought last night. was actually a premium play for my clients Losing One The line with the poll and Villanova looked pretty funny It was four and a half five. You have to scratch your head and think well why in the world is Villanova. Only favored by that. Little amount seems like an automatic home run on Villanova. Sports books were given you away a bonus but my my math was on the Paul. Villanova crushed So with that win being so dominant. I think it's going to carry over to the big game against Exhibitor And they'll they'll come away with a win and a and that's actually recommended that On your article I think. Somehow they'll find a way to win that game in that that one could be a double digit win by Villanova They were very impressive last night. Now Marquette in Providence Marquette is another team that has the potential to win the whole thing In providence is a team that you if you're in the big east you don't want to have to play at Providence in order to do as Seton Hall about that just last weekend when providence knocked them off They have a tremendous homecourt advantage and it shows and they're also on the on the fringe of being a contender in the in the conference as well So that's GonNa be a really tough gave from from our cat to come away with a win and I think you have to go with the home team again meaning again like last week. They took off or knocked off Seton Hall and they're GonNa do it again this week. So that line I think is going to be closer to a pick which is where Seton Hall was. I could imagine providence being even favored by a point or two But my lean for right now is is on providence and then I'll update on the twitter feed If it's a premium play to of course at twitter feed at John Ryan Sports and the number one John last thing I want to ask you about here for this segment. Today as we transitioned over to Sunday in the big east you mention Creighton. A team that your high on a team that some of the other rankings metric systems that use very high on looks like they'll be pretty decent sized favorites Butler on Sunday afternoon. Any thoughts on that game. Well it's more of the same song I've been sitting here for about the last ten minutes Is that your Butler is a very good team in their own right. And there's no Gimme win here I do think Crayton is the play here For the simple reason of that. They're the better team Not by leaps and bounds but they are the better team both sides of the ball. They're playing well and we're coming down the stretch and I think criminal will get it done and you think they're like six or seven point home favorites Adam. I think that's probably what the range for this line. Kind of looks like especially because you get great in that. Jump shooting teams. We've talked about before their numbers. Just always annually look better at home than they do on the road so you give them a little bit more home respect here. I think too I agree. And then the last game Seton Hall of Saint. John's is This has to make sure they don't look ahead of Kaz. Saint John's has been has been struggling. But we've also seen Saint John's stunned some teams this year too. But that's a game where I would have to think Seton Hall be a double digit home. Favourite.

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