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So Pat Roberts is retiring after a long long career in Washington. I think it was approaching forty years. Maybe I think he started in eighty sometime. This is a perfect example of what we're talking about. Pat roberts. Get very little to contribute to reducing the size of government on his way out. He recently just bragged about how he was able to pass a bloated ugly looking farm Bill, and he bragged about that. And now granted you may think that that's what Kansas wants. But I would reject that premise, I think that cans want of responsible limited government now to your point. We now have an opportunity to elect a straw, conservative in Kansas, and frankly, Kansas isn't very well known to elect strong conservatives that this is the state of Bob Dole. Nancy, Landon Kassebaum and ironically, Arlen Specter specter was in the Senate from Pennsylvania, but he was born and raised in Kansas. So the Kansas does have sort of a moderate straight. But my hope is that we can't find a conservative. There are a few names popping around the the big one the big obvious. One would be the secretary of. Mike Pompeo who enjoys incredible success dealing with the president. And I think the president would love to have him in the Senate if he weren't already the secretary of state, so I don't know if Pompeo would make that decision, but he would obviously be the runaway favourite. There are other names being popped up. A lot of local members crisco Bach. Who recently ran for governor. He might run nother intriguing candidate is the current Federal Communications Commission, chairman aged tie. That's not a familiar name to a lot of people that he is a Kansas native and like Pompeo he enjoys some success in the Trump administration. So I think we've got a good opportunity here. We just got to capitalize on it. American radio journal is heard on public affairs minded radio stations all across the country, including K C N W A M in Kansas City, Missouri. W W N L A M in Pittsburgh pencil. Vania along with W B R, I A M in Indianapolis, Indiana. American radio journal is produced weekly by the Lincoln institute of public opinion research Inc. The Lincoln institute is completely funded through the generosity of individuals corporations and philanthropic foundations which underwrite the cost of this program comments and opinions expressed on this program are those of the guests do not necessarily reflect the views of the Lincoln institute or of this radio station. Learn more about American radio journal and hearing expanded versions of some interviews aired on our program, please visit our website American.

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