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Courage but she was saying about them speak with lisa belkin chief national correspondent at yahoo news she's written a piece about the revenge of the face blockers these folks who shuns social media on our glad they've done so in the wake of scandals like the cambridge politica the office worker rights she won't even give her name out by saying you know high i'll i'll i don't even want be talking to you i'm not sure i want to be talking to you i i am so this is such an anathema all of it that i don't want to talk about it and yet she was extraordinarily spoken about it once we started talking but she checks we have bad experience when she first she signed onto facebook mostly for business reasons which a lot of people did a lot of people who didn't use it socially did have business pages because you kind of can't avoid it but she signed on and one of the first person to friend her pop up as a friend was someone who had sexually harassed her previous job and then the next person right after that was a woman who just more or less was in her face at another job and and i won't say stalking her but constantly following heraldic and badgering her questions and these were people who she had hoped to leave behind when she left these jobs and these are the two people who had popped up and she just said no more i'm done this is not for me and she really has not gone back lisa belkin chief national correspondent at yahoo news twenty one minutes now in front of the hour on this weekend i just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to geico i feel like.

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