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All sorts of subscription services right yeah sign up for a place to just singe bacon every month yeah and this one is one that actually a listener had suggested it not long ago and i think we saw the article in the same day that uh the or listener wrote in chris cave wrote in and said i just thought this was an interesting article but then here's the next line if you can afford two thousand dollars a month to rent a porsche two thousand dollars a month ladies and gentlemen today's episode is about the porsche passport a subscription service from porsche the does start at the bottom end at two grand a month wiggins that the andrew package yeah we're gonna we're gonna explore this a little bit ultimately the end of the episode i say that we pass a verdict this is going to be a for it oregon episode okay we're gonna talk about more than just porsche though that's true yeah and we'll dive in afterward from our sponsor did are'making super villain almost destroy san diego i liked to picture him as malevolent area yeah like him kind of like yes whether they super villain guide if what the hacker soviet bone recordings the square's in the colleges in the current budget lines in the sensors tommy's the khamis how did i missed the khamis okay yes he can't you never may never see them cummings is the problem did america really wage war on chinese restaurants okay so you you that i felt like there was a silver lining coming there bannon just i just i don't i don't see it iin a vase with your say like it got better because it got worse.

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