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If you will indulge me for a second uh two thousand five i just get hired by the rangers to do or pre imposed on radio coming out of a lockout and i'm doing the michael k show a ninety eight seventy s p n and michael innocently enough brings up homers in announcing in new york and we're talking about how dick lynch's carnival homer and michael gets accused of being a home or and all that and then michael just out of the blue asks me who do you think the biggest homer is in new york announcing and i said this is this is the quote i said he is the best at what he does but you can make a case the john davidson is a homer m ever that's when damn blackburn was living at his house and he certainly was such a part of the organization so entrenched in the organization and he where wars hot art and asleep when he called ranger games but obviously was working for nbc coming out a lockout he'd always worked in been an announcer nationally with espn and basically ever fox in a and he's he was the best i think he was the best color analysts there was not just at hockey to maybe even in sports and accentuated that in the conversation well battery spin who writes a media column in the new york daily news asked j d what he thought about somebody who's just got hired by madison square garden do the pre and post thought about me saying that he was the biggest homer new york sports now i'm sure i was misquoted and i'm sure bob probably didn't give him all of the details of how i praise j d before i said that and probably never played on the audio just said hey jay day.

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