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In Houston, 88 degrees and clear skies tonight at the ktrh time. Tax defenders 24 hour Weather Center The Times Now, 10 Oh, one. Our top story Texans are being asked to conserve power through Friday, with market reporting about 11,000 megawatts generation offline for repairs. And we will be doing a thorough investigation to understand what the issues are and to assess what the implications are for the grid haircuts warrant last year insists we are not at the point where rolling outages are needed, but everyone is still urged to refrain from running dishwashers. Clothes, washers and dryers between two and eight p.m. each day this week. The brother of a Houston 15 year old who died after being shot is under arrest. Police say. Jalen George killed his sister last Friday after finding her at a friend's apartment on South Green near Alameda, Genoa. It's believed the girl ran away from home, and George was trying to find her. He's accused of capital murder and is in custody on outstanding warrants. A second arrest is made today after a deadly mass shooting in Austin over the weekend. Fox's Steve Rapoport has the latest Authorities arresting a 17 year old boy in connection with the shooting in downtown Austin that killed one person and wounded more than a dozen others. The boy taken into custody Monday at a high school while attending a summer school class. He faces a charge of aggravated assault. Gunfire erupted in the capital city early Saturday morning, sparking panic in a popular nightlife area. Authorities arrested their first suspect hours later. Interim police chief Joseph Kitchen says investigators believed the shooting was an isolated incident between two people. Steve Rapoport, Fox News governor, Greg Abbott promises new details this week on how the state plans to build its own border wall. Monica Weisberg Stewart with the Texas Border Coalition says it's not enough. Until the federal government fixes our immigration system. The governor of building a wall is not going to stop the people from coming. President Biden ordered a halt to all border wall construction upon taking office. Ktrh news time. 10 03 President Biden says Ukraine must clean up corruption before they can join the NATO alliance. Lisa Taylor has more on that tonight. Speaking at the NATO summit, Biden said Ukraine's entrance will depend on whether they meet the criteria, which he says remains to be seen. The president noted the U. S will do all it can to put Ukraine in a positive position where they can resist Russian aggression. This comes after Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky asked Biden for a clear Yes or no on joining the alliance. I'm Lisa Taylor. Biden is not revealing any more details about what he plans to discuss when he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Speaking at the NATO summit day, Biden said he plans to make it clear what the red lines are in areas where they don't agree during their meeting Wednesday. Benjamin Netanyahu is no longer Israel's prime minister. After 12 years he's been replaced with Naftali Bennett, who will head up what's being described as the most diverse Israeli governing coalition ever. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green is showing remorse for comparing the coronavirus restrictions to the Holocaust. And there are words that I have said in remarks that I've made that I know are offensive and for that, I want to apologize. The representative from Georgia said today she visited the Holocaust Museum in the nation's capital. She also declared there's nothing comparable to the Holocaust. Novavax could be laying the groundwork.

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