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Arnold yep she you know look. I'm sure you encountered a million stories. So i guess the broader question. You know stephanie. Had this wild story where she sort of foresaw her death. She had placenta previa when she was pregnant. And basically thought you know this is going to end badly for me. And nobody believed or they all thought she was crazy including her husband and she basically did die for thirty seven seconds and experienced. What so many people report when they have those experiences and then sort of retroactively discovered. I think that she had these sort of medium powers or at least the Six cents or whatever you wanna call it. How did you decide. And she was a great storyteller i understand. She was a producer before. How did you decide what stories to include In in this series was really important that the people felt authentic and that they again weren't seeking attention by you know having near the death experience than just But that in telling of the story and sharing their story came from a very deep emotional place that it was it was important for them to share their story because they wanted others to know that they weren't alone that they weren't crazy that they had had similar kinds of experiences. And that's felt genuine to me. Both in stephanie. Arnold and dr. Mary neil who's the the surgeon who is kept under water for more than thirty minutes when when she was kayaking..

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