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Into say they're going to trade him they're going to trade him this very conservative franchise in the way its run they have only dealt guys Oh cast your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script to riff on what that means and basically what I mean is this all already spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP. I'm going to be here for a few more minutes I'm Anthony Costanza was CINCY JUNGLE DOT com the black insider bengals podcast you can grab our podcast us as well as a myriad of others that joined the espionage since he junk podcast channel with us You can get that stuff on itunes stitcher on spotify Google play you can Get our stuff on our youtube channel as well as everything on since he jungle dot com so appreciate appreciate you guys tuning in I know lot of times this isn't the funnest type of thing stuff to talk about right Owen five nobody really likes to talk about it but at the same time I guess can commiserate I guess we can vent and You know I guess we can you know I guess I don't know I guess we can sit here and complain about what what was seen now you know in terms of just kind of going back to today's game a little bit in terms of I don't know some people may take positives out today a I suppose you can do that the other just going back again to Zack Taylor some of the game plan game plan stuff the the play calling all of that the things that bothered me as well as you know this this two minute offense seems to be working for them and I mean they scored two two touchdowns in a matter of it's at the final to tie it up at the end of the game even with one of the drive's not really showing much urgency you would think hey at least mix that in meanwhile if your offense is being stagnant which the Bengals as I mentioned it was almost nine four quarters before they had scored a touchdown if your offense was stagnant being in this title type of offense and you're you're kind of plotting along mix that in for Dr Mixed mixed that two minute offense in for Dr go no huddle keep a d it's on its heels you would think this guy that has this innovative offensive mind would be open to doing that for some reason the bengals have not do that the other thing that bothers me about Zack Taylor on what we've seen in terms of week-to-week and a lot of regression from a lot of players really but I I don't know granted I guess the team was a little bit healthier against Seattle but my has none of that stuff now is non-existent non existent so I don't I you know I don't know why the see why that's gone away I mean I know the offensive line has issues but they were able to run against Seattle they're able to do that stuff seattle what success I don't really know where the creativity went after just a handful of weeks now I'm seeing a ton of stuff a ton of stuff it and I'm sorry I'm not individually calling out everybody here sure but there are a lot of people Sean Leonard in Facebook Chats Zack Taylor has energy lack of calls to help Dalton his Joe Kia I mean I it's hard to disagree with their I'm seeing a lot of stuff and both alive youtube chat and the facebook the facebook comments about you know you really think I I would like to think that there is some semblance of plan I would like to think that they have some ideas to hey you know we kind of we didn't want to tell everybody this but we it kind of knew that this was going to be a struggle this year this is going to be a rebuild year even though we didn't sell it as such so maybe this was expected and their plant they have a plan for the next offseason my thing is and I've said this for those of you who have listened to me for a number of years all ready my stuff if you're if you're going to almost solely rely on the draft you have to have the best the preempt didn't scouting staff the Bengals have one of the smallest in the league if you're going to truly build a well rounded roster behalf to get at least mid tier guys the occasional mid tier starters too high to your starters in free agency or if don't WanNa come here then you trade for him if you think that they can immediately impact your team into in turn things around so is team needs to be aggressive and you know my hope was that Zach Zach Taylor would kind of carry a little bit of a baton from Marvin Lewis Marvin Lewis came in here and kind of force some changes and they've they may have been you know minimal changes but they were changes that the team team needed to be needed to make in order to be run like a modern franchise they still behind the Times in a number of different areas but am I hope was at Zac Taylor being the young kind of aggressive go-getter guy he would kinda grab that baton and force Mike Brown to pay more for you know get more outside free agents do more in the draft move up a little bit and you know that at least one off season in that was really the case so I don't know if Taylor is a little too gun shy as as a new first time head coach in young guy A. and didn't WanNa Kinda create waves with with ownership right away but I'm and granted took Marvin over a course of sixteen years to kind of build any built up equity within the organization to be able to cause changes but my point remains that you know someone is going to need to continue to push this organization listen to change to do more an outside agency to get more high impact players in the draft via trade via free agency and really they went for Antonio Brown granted Antonio Brown thing blew up in their face but you understand my point if they go get aj green in the same Oh run teams do they take chances they add premium talent and they give up capital to do so the bengals are not willing to do that so now I'm seeing a lot of questions comments about you know the plan what is the plan what are they doing are tanking all that kind of stuff and I don't know Aaron Felix you wrote three sink were excuse me sink words and it was I don't think it's the coach anything that comes with that so yes I agree however there are points where Zack Taylor looks like he's a bit over his skis in terms of game planning and now really kind of shades of two thousand and two shades of ninety nine you know is in the owners are who they are I've I've met the owner personally as a nice man but that was brief when franchises in the NFL So I don't know guys there there are a lot of lot of questions.

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