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And i know you had his cousin jerry on this week I just that hit like a ton of bricks and itself a ton of bricks and it's just such a. It's a locked for the for the business and it's such a personal lots for anybody. Who knew paul at all from the smallest interaction to to a closer interaction. There's nobody who came away from that not not touch. What a great human being. He was no doubt i. And you know a a passing like that as well as as well. Frankly as i'm sure people don't have the immediate Connection or or you know awareness but tammy vela's Her passing is really at the heart of of samsun leaving the game. I mean if tammy had not gotten sick i. It's probably ten years. But i if if she she i don't think she she wasn't forty. Was maybe forty something. I think you're right. I mean it. If if tommy goes on the ernie samuel's daughter d- samsung wouldn't wouldn't be dispersing well At least hopefully the.

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