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To us anytime anywhere. They always say that lawyers. And I know when you hear lawyers we all back up. But when they say, the lawyers it is true if you're good you don't ask the pleasure without knowing the answer. So when I bring up everything as relates to what Curtis Martin is doing and we just went through that. And I say I have no idea really where I'm going. I'm not so sure except I'm focused on the phrase that he had at the beginning. You have no idea dot dot dot the difference is Phil would make and this facility would make you have no idea, and I'm sitting here during the break literally sitting and typically stand for all three. But as I'm sitting here, I'm thinking to myself. I wonder what it would take to have an idea. What it would be like to be in home would or some other community that had a and a variety of problems. We're aware of what would it take? What what meaningful steps could it take? Is it reading the articles that I just read having an awareness is that enough? Is it changing skin tones? Is it living there? I don't know. I mean, I I have ideas about masking you because it's one hundred percent, right. I'm talking about Trump. And I'm doing that because. Yeah, let's I mean, look, it's I made the phrase up. I don't know whether it's out there, but I'm just saying a little bit of a break. I gotta tell you. There is a party. I'll get to your, Sean. There is something out there that I will tell you. It's just more like resignation. You get overwhelmed with this psych Susa salami every day. And part of me. I have to say, I don't know. Whether it's frustration or I have an agenda when I say this. Probably both. I almost hope everything possible could come out every unredacted document, everything about Pfizer court every single item. So once and for all we see everything we don't get interpreted. We'd all get through filters. We'd all get it through pundits. We don't get. We endanger lives, we do everything bring everything out. So that we could find out if it is quote the crowning achievement of Donald Trump's presidency. To exposed the corrupt FBI pro. Let's please get everything out. There is a part of me that those think that. And there may be part of you that believes that too because you actually think it would be great. I'm saying because I think I'm just frustrated, and maybe I just want to see things fall on their face some items not all of them because not everybody's perfect though is all perfect. But I need some things to actually be shown to be Bs. I want to get to this. That's why you could hear my voice white little Trumpcare cool for me. But if you want to bring it bring it Sean Toronto sports facility. Yeah. Man. Call me old school or just maybe it was a way I was raised but this soda in this area would probably give a lot of people something to do it may occupy their their hands and brains for awhile. But crime drug usage murder. All that is a free will choice, and it comes from the heart. And I don't see how a sports facility is going to change a person's heart. I agree and disagree with you. But I'm glad you put your finger on something that Ken Starr, some conversation. Not because I think are always is important, and I welcome any point of view. Free will. That's that's an interesting perspective. We talk about that had faith a lot. But let's apply to what you just said. Right now, there are people who look at it as less a free will and. More of a necessity. There are certain people that consider it to be so environmentally impactful that they don't have a choice. So I'm not so sure I'm on board with everybody makes that decision. Hey, I tell you what I'd really love to become a member of a crime unit because that's a really good thing. As opposed to something else. Do I think that a baseball field or football field will be a panacea and get everybody way. No. But I do think what you talked about time management. Everything else is really really important. You try to explain the difference. What free will really is what I was doing a lot of stuff to make it real simple who in beings are the only things that has it every animal out there like duck doesn't look at the calendar and say, oh, it's time to fly south. It's something that's inbred Inzamam instinct, we have a free will moment by moment. So in order to say, there's something out there. More powerful than the your ability to choose. I'll never believe that. Okay. Well, thanks for your honesty. That's a that's a great point. Because I just asked a moment ago. You have no idea is what Curtis Martin says what this will mean. Do you have that point of view, which I truly understand not having an idea at fool level minority at nothing on a flip side, your reassert, which I think comes from respectful place, but from a different place eight six six three nine hundred ten twenty good stuff..

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