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Was proud to be asked to speak today. And it's a big day. Big day GOP is to me. And you and I go to all the venues we go to shot shows we go to NRA's we're gonna concealed carry Expos. Well, we did gander mountain events, right? Into the advent of the USCCA and the NRA's carry art Expos. We we were in this stuff in its infancy. How do you compare this? Because this is not the, you know, it's not the convention. It's a conference how do you compare this? This is really an amazing collection of people who do a lot of hard work. A lot of the the work that goes on behind the scenes, I mean, I second amendment foundation, obviously is the host. They may be the ones who are the most under celebrated maybe under appreciated in the community. Because I think one of the things that happens is, you know, there are bigger organizations in the public eye. So when when there is a collaboration on a judicial situation on a court case that second amendment foundation is doing the big lifting eighty percent. The number that I've heard that is positive gun legislation. That goes our way eighty percent of those cases are funded and participated in by the second. Yeah. You don't see him in the news as much as some other organizations because honestly, I think sometimes it news likes to just kind of say well that group, you know, talking about the NRA the NRA represents all gun owners and everything it's it's gone bad. Is in for us, everything that's going good is NRA. And that's just not fair to a lot of the people that are here especially second amendment. Probably. Absolutely, correct. We don't see that. We don't hear. There's I have I have a theory of Y. Because I don't think the anti-gun media establishment media wants to tout the victories of the second amendment foundation. Not the second amendment Asian. I think it's that they don't want to to really reveal something that I spoke about today at the conference. The fact that this is an everyday thing. It's not just the NRA. It's not just one voice or one set of talking points. The the groups that are here that are represented from all across the country with the grassroots their state level organization. Some of them are diversity. You know, there's the liberal gun club. Laura was on the on on stage when she also wanted defender of liberty award today. I mean, there there is the groups that are here are so much more influential as a universe in the second amendment movement. Then just any one organization is and it's very easy for for someone who say, well, it's just this group and they're extremists. Well, you can't say that about everyone. You can't list fifty organizations you can't list five thousand people that are doing this work every day. So the. People here really do represent the change that has happened over the last thirty years, you know, we've gone from two million legally armed people in public to over thirty million people today with seventeen million having permits and another fifteen that can carry because a constitutional Carey. And that change was really done by the people that are here at this conference. It's amazing. Everybody's every everybody who's anybody who's Representative and is represented here. And I again, I've said this in the in the previous hour in the previous few.

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