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So we've been lied to a lot way with mccarthy being around here coach so you know That's but most of all guys i'm not sold on mike mccarthy's coast i jerry. This we got jerry. One on one and my first question was about mike. Say green bay. Packers identified mike as the problem. It fight him. They went twenty six and six new coach. Rogers won the mvp yet. The jets and the browns said not mike. You said yes. He rolls out a six ten. Football team not are facts. Newly dose of facts and chris wanted same page when it comes to mike. He's got a lot to prove. That's why if they don't do anything this year i don't see him sticking around know jerry's loyal and he doesn't want to admit to mistakes. But but in. Mike mccarthy i think the leash is very very short. It should be jerry. Almost eighty years old not getting any younger. And i'll tell you what the way what i've seen from being quinn. I could easily see them bouncing mccarthy if they have a losing year and throwing dan quinn up in there because then clinton has if he's able to make this defense decent. This is the guy who gets the more interviews And our interactions with dan quinn and just watching these players 'cause this is now the third different defensive coordinator i see guys already playing at a different level so so i wouldn't be surprised if my mccarthy gets passed if they don't come through and had the kind of season that jerry wants the hat he's not getting any younger. Do you think the defense. I mean before nolan you know. They were usually ranked twelve thirteen sometimes in the top ten so they had with a lot of these same players. So do you think quinn will make them maybe a defense in the top third of the league and tell me about mike. Parsons too because i mean you know. Obviously there's a lot of hype about him Mike parsons reminds me of a pat swilling. Type play pass willing. Wow played and the lions yes. Pat was a heck of a talent and unfortunately some guy named lt was the guy but swilling was really really good He has that type of talent and he right now in talking to him..

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